How to Make Your Travel Blog Interesting

Being a traveler and a blogger is a full-time job. You have to juggle many things like planning your own adventures and finding time to write about them online. It’s not easy, yet, it can be super fun and rewarding. The one concern most bloggers have, though, is about keeping things interesting. After all, there are thousands of travel blogs out there. So, how do you make sure your blog doesn’t get lost among them? Well, there are a few tips on how to stand out in the crowd and create an exciting, successful travel blog.

Find your niche

A travel blog is a rather broad concept. You should narrow it down. Find your theme. To do so, follow these two steps – research the market for travel blogs and take a look inside yourself. So, first, think of the topics and ideas that will inspire you to create every day. Here you should find the main focus of your blog, like food, planning, budget travel, active holidays, van life, etc. Such a focus will be your theme.

That must be something you are personally interested in. This way, it won’t bore you or feel forced. Once you have an idea or two about the main focus, research the market. See how many blogs with a theme exist already. What can make you different from them? What else can you bring to the table? Here, you better find an interesting angle to stand out in the crowd.

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Perhaps, just your perky, positive personality will be enough. Maybe you can make beautiful media content. Or, you will be the most methodical blogger in the niche with detailed tours, budget plans, and destination descriptions. It’s your choice. Just make sure you can offer something different.

Keep it personal

People love reading travel blogs for one simple reason. It’s always personal. They can feel connected to the blogger, live their experience through their writings, and follow their lives. After all, there is various travel literature for everyone’s taste. There are travel books, guides, itineraries, travel agencies’ websites, etc. In fact, travelers may even open the best research paper writing service | and order a detailed paper on the history and culture of the place from there.

So, people can find plenty of information on their chosen destination, routes, and tips on sightseeing. Instead, many choose to follow blogs. Though, at times, they are not as informative, on to the point, or detailed. Yet, they are alive and vibrant and even juicy sometimes. That’s why people will come to your blog in the first place – for personal connection.

Hence, if you want to keep things interesting and earn a bigger audience, try to connect with readers on a personal level. You should let them know more about yourself, your travel preferences, where you’re from, and why you choose to live on the road while also writing about it. Small pieces of information will help your readers fully understand who they are reading. Soon enough, they will come not only because of the useful posts you make but because of you. They choose to check on you once in a while and stay inside your orbit.

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Learn about storytelling

Storytelling is a crucial part of writing. Basically, this is how you build your text, talk to the audience, and keep their attention on the story. It’s best if you learn more about the basic concepts of writing and storytelling. Of course, it may not be necessary if you just write for yourself and a bunch of friends. Yet, if you want to be serious about your blogging, you better learn how to capture everyone’s attention with solid writing skills.

So, start by researching various types of writing. Thus, there are:

  • personal writing
  • reflective
  • narrative
  • commercial
  • descriptive
  • essay, and more.

Each type comes with a specific structure and goals. Hence, next, you should learn about text structures and how to make the best of your ideas. Here, you will learn about the narrative arc, how to start a post, make transitions, set a scene, write an exposition, and deliver the text’s main idea.

Even an intuitive understanding will help you create more professional, persuasive, and interesting texts. Moreover, the more you learn, the more confident you get in your writing skills and blogging abilities. By doing so, you invest in your future blogging business.

Keep practicing

Last but not least, keep on trying. Don’t give up even when it gets hard and your audience doesn’t grow. Practice will make everything better. You will learn to find the right words for each situation and feeling. You will learn the right approach to sensitive topics. With time, you’ll build an audience and learn to understand what it wants. Just be patient and keep posting frequently. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different approaches in writing. See what feels more natural to you and what receives the better reception from the audience.

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Overall, as long as you feel inspired and motivated to write, have enough topics to discuss, and keep traveling, you will always have something to share with your audience. Yet, it’s your enthusiasm and ability to deliver your ideas that make each post interesting. So keep on writing!

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