Useful Tips For First Time Backpackers

If you read our article about The Best Backpacking Destinations In The World and you want to give backpacking a try, here are some of the most useful tips for first time backpackers:

Safety & Health Tips For First Time Backpackers:

Safety & Health Tips For First Time Backpackers:

  • Always keep copies of your passport and give them to those who want to see your passport. Keep the original for airport and hotel only.
  • Don’t keep all you money in the same place.
  • Common sense should be your best friend, locals are usually friendly but they do not hang out around tourist attractions asking for money or trying to sell you something. So, while visiting tourist attractions, be careful who you are talking to.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated and always have fresh water with you.
  • Pack some over the counter medicine before leaving to be sure you will be able to treat a migraine or stomach issues.
  • If you travel alone, do not get drunk! You will be an easy target for robbers.
  • Rest and sleep. Sacrificing sleep is never a good idea if you really want to have an enjoyable backpacking trip.
  • Cereal bars and other meal bars are perfect for those moments when you cannot find a place to have a real meal. Make sure you always have some in your backpack.
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Packing Tips For First Time Backpackers:

Packing Tips For First Time Backpackers

  • Make a list of things you want to pack.
  • Rolling clothes will save a lot of room in your bag and it will also make you more organized.
  • Don’t pack like you are going to a place with no shops! Do some research and see what you will be able to find in terms of shops in the region you plan to visit and pack accordingly.
  • A rain coat is always something you should have in your backpack.
  • Make sure your backpack is high quality since you will carry most of you travel stuff in it.
  • A travel microfiber towel is better than the typical cotton towel we all use at home since it dries very quick and it is perfect for light packing.

Important Things To Remember For First Time Backpackers:

Important Things To Remember For First Time Backpackers

  • If you cannot live without technology, bring some gadgets with you but make sure you make a list of tech travel checklist before packing to know you have all you need. A laptop without a charger is useless so better check that list twice.
  • Don’t rely on internet, an offline map or a printed map can save you. There are numerous offline maps you can use while traveling and since they do not need roaming, they will be very useful. However, make sure you also have a printed map if you plan to visit remote areas where you won’t be able to have GPS signal or when you cannot count on your phone’s battery.
  • And, since we mentioned, you cannot always rely on your phone, make sure you have all your travel information (train time, ticket number, flight time) and hotel names written in a notebook or on a piece of paper you carry with you.
  • When in doubt, ask a hotel representative. Hotel staff is usually a reliable source of travel information so don’t be shy and talk to them when you have a question. Also, locals are typically more than happy to help tourists.
  • Make a list of things you want to see but try to give yourself time to be spontaneous and explore without a list of things to do in mind.
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