Here’s What You Need To Know About Mountain Biking In Mallorca, Spain

In Mallorca we have access to truly wonderful mountain biking. At the same time, you get to discover stunning views, see wildlife in a natural environment and find secluded beaches. The island’s terrain is mostly rocky and soil cover is limited. That is why you almost always have a technical feel when you go mountain biking in Mallorca and why this is such a popular travel activity in the area.

When To Go Mountain Biking In Mallorca

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When this island is quiet, this is when you want to visit. This is between the months of September and May. Roads will be clear, you will easily find accommodations and temperature is really good. You can also go mountain biking during summer but you have to be sure that you avoid the heat. Night rides may be needed.

Make sure that you take water and sun cream with you as you never know when it is needed. You can also take a mobile phone, snacks and a windbreaker with you. Money is obviously also needed.

Best Biking Routes In Mallorca, Spain

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Finding the best possible mountain biking area in Mallorca is a little tough because there are so many routes that can be considered. Even so, the fact that there are so many routes you can experience is a huge advantage. Because of the present network, it is really easy to find routes no matter where you stay. In most locations you can gain access to full equipment rental. Even so, it is important to book in advance.

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Some of the best possible mountain biking potential is available in the Sa Comuna, close to Soller Valley and Bunyola. In the East Coast you can experience Cala Millor. In the north of Mallorca you want to experience Alcudia and Pollencia. If you stay in south west, the best mountain biking option is definitely Peguera.

In the west coast you have access to really exciting descents and bigger climbs. The region is highly mountainous. In the east coast you can experience flatter terrain but trail options are quite numerous.

If you are a mountain biker that is not experienced, you will want to consider biking in Na Burguesa. It is close to Palma and gives you access to various forestry roads. Another place to explore is Sa Comuna as there are various 4X4 roads in forests that are quite stunning.

If you do not know what to choose, you can always buy a local mountain biking guide book. They are available in many stores.

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