Portugal’s Surfing Conditions – Should You Consider A Visit?

Portugal has a population of just 11 million people but the opportunities that are available are definitely wonderful. This southwestern Europe country located on the beautiful Iberian Peninsula stands out as the westernmost part of Europe. You have Portugal bordered by Spain to the east and the north with The Atlantic Ocean bordering the south and the west. Also, Madeira and Azores are officially part of Portugal, although them being Atlantic archipelagos.

Surfing Opportunities In Portugal

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The climate of Portugal is mild. This brings in so many solid surf locations that you can consider. There are various offshore morning breezes that will appear. They are common and this is why people from all countries of the world can consider visiting Europe to surf. There are many interesting swell and waves sizes that would bring in the perfect experience for all people that love surfing. To make matters even more interested, you will love the learning experience that is possible. So many places currently offer surf packages and lessons for those that are interested.

In Portugal you can easily find south, west and north swells. They make the surfing conditions highly consistent. When winter is present, swell size will be of around 6 feet. However, height can go up even higher than fifteen feet. You would thus be faced with really challenging surfing conditions. You can also surf during summer months but the waves will only have a height of 3 to 5 feet. Because of this, you want to visit Portugal to surf when you are a beginner if you visit during summer months.

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Some research will be necessary in order to be able to find the perfect waves on the coast. The ideal option is always going to be the region around Peniche. This is because it is peninsular and the weather conditions are definitely perfect for surfing. Some waves that you do want to consider are present in Coxos, Supertubos and Pedra Blanca.

The main advantages of surfing in Portugal are that there are numerous swells, waves that are uncrowded, great reef breaks and quality beaches. The disadvantages associated with Portugal surfing is that the water is almost always cold and the onshores that are present during the summer.

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