Horse Riding Trips in Croatia

Horse Riding Trips in CroatiaCroatia is a really interesting and popular holiday destination for people living in Europe and even in other continents. This is because of the diverse landscape and the various activities that are available when you visit the country. While we can talk about so many activities, we will now discus horse riding trips in Croatia, which is much more interesting than what many believe.

In Croatia you are going to find 8 national parks that protect wilderness and even coastal resorts. Horseback riding is something that you can easily enjoy in this country so where should you go? If you really love horses, you will appreciate every single option available here. We will mention some opportunities that are great and that you want to take into account if you want to go horse riding in Croatia.

Bosko’s Ranch And Croatian Culture

Bosko’s Ranch And Croatian Culture

You can find this wonderful travel destination close to Sinj, around 2 kilometers away. The entire Sinj region is diverse and has wonderful views of forests, the beautiful Cetina River and mountains. Bosko’s Ranch covers around 20,000 square meters and will include a horses corral, lawn, pasture, a restaurant area and a sports court.

Keen riders will simply love the ranch and will bring you riding opportunities that are great for people that vary from intermediate level to experienced level. The horse riding experience is tremendous for groups or couples, with great activities even for the solo traveller.

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Horse riding at Bosko’s Ranch will allow you to see Croatia’s heart, allowing you to reach beautiful areas that are untouched, many terrain varieties and some pretty beautiful old villages. On the whole, we can say that this ranch is a true paradise for the Croatian horseman.

Dalmatian Hinterland

Dalmatian Hinterland

This location is family run in the Ogorje village and brings in varied terrain options for the horse rider. You will be able to experience cattle paths, old Roman roads, unspoiled countryside, galloping opportunities and much more. You can ride one of the 10 horses and the maximum number of guests that are accommodated at once is usually of 6.

We should add that you will love the people that run the operation since they are warm and they will help you with extra information about local culture, together with other things of high interest for horse lovers.

Magic Of Istria

Magic Of Istria

Last on our list for today and found in Croatia’s northwest area, Magic Of Istria is another wonderful family run establishment where you can experience the wonderful Istrian countryside. This is basically a region that will offer many impressive landscape options with a terrain variety that is quite impressive for horse riding. The land is filled with history, Roman ruins, hill top towns, picturesque villages and so much more.

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This ranch basically specializes in small group horse riding trips and offers a high quality riding experience filled with personal attention for every single one of the guests. The ride will take you through plateaus, vineyards, olive groves, hidden valleys and lush meadows, just to mention some. The landscape will be unspoiled and you will definitely appreciate the laid back atmosphere of the horse riding you will experience.

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