Austria’s Best Water Activities

water activities in austriaFrom May to September, Austria’s amazing natural landscapes, the lakes, the rivers and the mountains are perfect for water activities. Whether you want to plan a summer holiday in Austria or a weekend getaway, water sports and water activities can be a very nice way to spend your time in the country.

The most adventurous tourists can treat themselves with rafting and canyoning, while leisurely visitors can spend time swimming or canoeing. If you want to know more about the water activities in Austria that can be explored during a visit, check out our top 3 favorite activities:

  1. White Water Rafting In Austria

White Water Rafting In Austria

The bold hearts that visit Austria can enjoy an adrenaline rushing white water rafting adventure in various locations in the country.

White Water Rafting In East Tyrol

Rafting in East Tyrol is an essential activity for those visiting the area. River Isel, a glacier river located in the Southern Alps, is an amazing river for rafting and the Austrian rafting community can confirm that.  No matter your rafting experience, River Isel will be perfect for you since all difficulty levels are available.

White Water Rafting At Imster Schulcht

Imster Schlucht is considered Europe’s number 1 river for white water rafting. This place is amazing for beginners who want to learn the basis of white water rafting, but also for most experienced tourists who want to experience an exciting rafting adventure.

  1. Canyoning In Austria

Canyoning In Austria

The beautiful mountain valleys in Austria are the perfect paths for a great canyoning experience. Abseiling waterfalls, jumping into ponds and descending rocky cliffs are just a small part of the Austrian canyoning experience.

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Canyoning At East Tyrol

This sunny region in Austria is not only great for white water rafting but also for canyoning and that makes it the perfect location for those who really love outdoor activities and water fun.

Canyoning in this area includes discovering a beautiful scenery with rocks, waterfalls, cliffs and splendid mountain valleys.

Canyoning At Alpenrosenklamm

Alpenrosenklamm is a fun place for canyoning since adventurers can jump, slide and abseil in deep pools and clear running water. The views are truly breathtaking and the experience is something that shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Canoeing And Kayaking In Austria

Canoeing And Kayaking In Austria

Canoeing and kayaking can be seen as activities for adrenaline junkies, but they can also be amazing for people with no prior experience. Austria is great for both experienced and novice kayakers who want to explore nature through crystal clear rivers.

Canoeing And Kayaking At East Tyrol

This is the third time we mentioned the region, but, as we said earlier, this is truly a wonderful place for water activities. The canoeing community love the crystal clear water of the glacier River Isel. This is a place for experienced kayakers and canoers since the adventure is quite challenging.

Kayaking And Canoeing In Ötztal Valley

Ötztal Valley is the place where beginners can enjoy small waves and more experienced kayakers can explore amid gorges and brooks that will satisfy their adrenaline needs. The place is another stunning Austrian location that will be loved by all outdoor enthusiasts.

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