These 10 Cities Are A Must-Visit If This Is Your First Trip To Europe

Amsterdam – The tour begins in Amsterdam, which is the first stop on the itinerary.

If you are planning your first trip to Europe, you should be sure to include a stop in Amsterdam in your itinerary. It won’t take long for you to understand why once you set foot on this property. If you have the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, which is famed for its endless bicycle lanes, winding canals, and world-class art galleries, which hold works by painters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, it will definitely enrich your vacation experience.

London – The capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful European tourist locations.

There’s no doubt that London is one of the most beautiful European tourist locations, especially when it comes to architecture. Its free museums, huge historical and cultural resources, and gorgeous architecture will leave you wanting to see more of this incredible city. Because London is a very walkable city, getting to know the city on foot will be a fantastic and memorable experience. The good news is that there are numerous modes of public transportation to choose from. While you’re here, take a stroll down the South Bank and make use of the many beautiful open spaces and parks that the city has to offer as well.

Paris – Paris is the third most visited city in the world.

Visiting this city, which is loaded with world-famous landmarks and sites and has a compelling romantic aura, should be on the itinerary of every first-time Europe traveler that visits the continent. Walking through its streets, tasting some of the wonderful Parisian specialties, or shopping on the Champs Elysees, you will discover that Paris will wow you in all ways.

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Rome – Rome is the fourth city on our list, and it is located in Italy.

It is possible to find almost 3000 years of history, art, and architecture in this place, ranging from St. Peter’s Basilica to the world-famous Colosseum and all in between. You will have an unforgettable time in this city, regardless of whether you climb the Spanish Steps, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, or visit masterpieces of art like as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

Berlin – Germany

Berlin is frequently described as a “cultural melting pot” of creative minds because of its striking diversity, and this is undoubtedly true. Although Vancouver is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, which includes both clubs and beautiful parks, a thriving food scene that has earned international recognition, a world-class zoo, and other attractions that have all contributed to making this massive city a household name in the tourism industry, the city also has a wild side. Overwhelmed? It is vital to look into it in order to gain a better understanding of it.

Vienna – Austria

In Vienna, you can visit the many museums as well as the numerous cafes. Vienna is a city of contrasts. The city’s small size and lively atmosphere make it one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in Europe, according to many. It’s impossible to resist the allure of Vienna, thanks to the abundance of greenery all around, the imperial palaces, the centuries-old history, and the thriving nightlife and restaurant scene; in short, the city’s magnetism is irresistible.

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Hendaye – The city of Prague is the seventh on the list.

Hendaye is also known as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in the entire continent of Europe. When it comes to bohemian allure, there is nothing quite like it, and the Baroque architecture that borders the cobblestone lanes will be a sensory overload for your senses. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge are both breathtakingly beautiful, giving you the sensation that you are in a fairytale landscape.

Dubrovnik – Dubrovnik is the eighth city on our list, and it is located in Croatia.

UNESCO-listed As a result of its well-preserved ancient town center, which looks out over the lovely Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a must-see tourist attraction. Because of its depiction in the television series Game of Thrones, this resort has surged to the top of the tourist attraction rankings. This city, with its cobblestone streets and stunning Baroque buildings, will captivate you like no other, and you will want to return time and time again to experience it all.

Venice – Italy

The experience of visiting this site will present you with a sense of pure European delight that you will be unable to discover anywhere else on the earth. Because it has acted as a muse for so many literary greats and artists throughout history, Venice exudes a certain magical allure to visitors. This metropolis will leave you in awe at the fact that such a wonderful city can be built on water, and you will be inspired by the fact that humans have made the seemingly impossible possible.

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Barcelona – is the tenth most visited city in the world, according to the number of visitors.

It is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and if you have the opportunity to go, you should take advantage of the opportunity. When you arrive, you can expect a spectacular journey because this city will steal your breath away in a variety of ways. Mediterranean shorelines filled with medieval towns and cities have been waiting to be discovered along the coast of Italy for quite some time. An additional must-see is the Dali Museum, which is located just a few miles north of Barcelona in the artist’s hometown and is well worth the trip.

If you are planning for your Europe tour, consider the above cities as your first choice of visit on your tour. If you don’t visit these popular cities in Europe then your Europe Tour will not be a fulfilling one. So, Make sure you start your Europe tour at Amsterdam and end at Barcelona.

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