Beach Camping In 10,000 Islands – What To Expect

Out of the different activities that the tourist can enjoy in the 10,000 Islands, we can say that boat and beach camping is something that has to be taken into account. This is an activity that was highly popular during the nineties and that is no longer so much. That is exactly what you can take advantage of right now.

Beach Camping In 10,000 Islands – What To Expect

Why should you consider beach camping in 10,000 Islands? Because the conditions are perfect for this. You will particularly like the Chokoloskee Bay and the Everglades National Park, together with everything that it offers. You will be able to enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and so many other relaxing activities here.

A Perfect Weather

This is the main reason why people fall in love with 10,000 Islands and enjoy beach camping so much. As you surely know, camping on the beach is not something that is normally possible when the weather is not great. You will most likely not have a problem with this and if the weather is bad, the rangers will help you out a lot.

Kayaks can be launched in Everglades City, from the Everglades National Park Ranger. No fee has to be paid so be sure that you call in advance to be sure you will have kayaks available. If you have a motorboat, you will want to go to Glades Haven Marine but you will have to pay a fee of $15. Glades Haven also gives access to canoes and kayaks for a daily fee. Flat boats can be rented for $175 daily.

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Beach Camping Travelling Opportunities

You will want to reach the Gulf to experience a well-maintained and well-marked deep channel. Reach the Indian Key and then head over to Panther Key. Around here there are many coral outcroppings and shoals. Go pass the Tiger Key and Picnic Key regions and opt for camping in Panther Key or Camp Lulu. Make sure that you allow yourself time to go past Lulu as it may be crowded. If this is the case, Panther is great. Camp Lulu is a region that is normally filled with people as it offers various partying activities.

Panther Key Beach Camping

Remember that there are some regulations that you will have to respect. You can be told all about them when you visit the wildlife refuge authorities. Just tell them that you want to go beach camping. As an example, outhouses do not exist and most tourists do not have a portable potty. In this case some will want to have a shovel for going into the woods, together with packing toilet tissues.

Besides this, all you need to know is how to enjoy beach camping. All the basics of camping apply to beach camping so you can enjoy a fire and simply stay in the sun as much as you possibly want.  You will feel relaxed and revigorated.

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