Hot Air Balloon Rides In Chianti, Tuscany – To Be Enjoyed With Great Wine

Hot air balloon rides are available in many parts of Italy. This includes Florence, Tuscany, San Gimigiano and Siena. You would really want to experience riding in a balloon when you visit any of these locations, especially Chianti in Tuscany because of how great the weather is and the scenery that is incredibly relaxing. Many highly experienced companies are servicing the region and give you access to something truly special.

A visit to Tuscany is always special because of the scenery and what you get a chance to view. However, it is a little difficult to cover the entire region since access is difficult. Seeing everything from inside a hot air balloon and enjoying a great Tuscany wine is a perfect experience that allows you to see the region in a perfect way. It is highly romantic, with many proposing inside a hot air balloon while hovering over Chianti.

tuscany hot air ballooning

If you want to enjoy ballooning here, you should seriously consider staying close to Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa since that is where most great balloon rides start. Also, as an extra tip, consider visiting Torraccia di Chiusi. It has been known as a highly important aristocratic residence for centuries and is now a vacation farmhouse that is open to those looking for natural beauty and tranquility.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides In Chianti

When you hire a professional, you will go through a short safety class so that you would know everything about the experience. Then, you are gently lifted from the ground. As you climb, the Tuscan gentle breeze takes you over various historical towns and you will surely want a glass of wine to enjoy as you look at the spending vineyards below. The terrain here is quite unique in the world and the best way to see it is by hovering over it at a slow speed. This is exactly what hot air ballooning offers in Chianti, Tuscany.

The only thing that we should always highlight is the fact that you will want to book your trip around 14 days in advance to be sure that you will have a free spot for you. That is especially the case when you will visit during the summer or when you want to arrange a special group balloon flight with up to 10 passengers.

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