Wine Tasting In Chianti, Tuscany – A Paradise For Wine Lovers

Chianti stands out as one of the most well known and beautiful areas in Tuscany. It has really strong ties to wine culture and the gentle hills there are practically perfect for vineyards. That’s why there are miles and miles of vineyards you can see in the distance. It is special to notice hills in shades of red, purple, yellow and green so it should come as no surprise that thousands of tourists are visiting every year.

There are many wine cellars, wineries and farms between Siena and Florence. All of them are proud of the products offered. The wineries in Chianti range from really old to brand new, from small to big. You can definitely experience the much appreciated Chianti and Chianti Classico, all through various wine tasting tours available in the area, many by bus and always accessible through cars.


greve vineyards

You may want to visit the Greve In Chianti since various farms and wineries are available, offering wine tasting, together with other local products. Greve is basically one place that you want to visit, filled with excellent shops and bars. Le Cantine has to be considered because of the hundreds of available wines and the Wine Museum is one you will surely want to consider.

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If you visit Greve, you want to also go to Castello Di Vicchiomaggio, one castle that is right in the middle of 130 hectares of tremendous vineyards. There is a great produce of Chianti Classico here. Custom-made tasting tours are available from Vicchiomaggio if you desire them.

Castello di Verrazzano is also one you have to consider. It is named after Giovanni da Verrazzo, an explorer that discovered the New York Bay. You can enjoy wine tasting and cellar visit tours every single day. Various wine tasting tour types are available so that various requests can be accommodated.


panzano vineyard

Panzano is another really easy-to-reach area that is quite popular, one of the really populous towns here. The town is small in size but is famous for the Florentine steak and wine production. Make sure you will visit Cecchini Butcher Shop. Buy a steak while listening to the Divine Comedy. Antica Fattoria Montaglari is close to the center. Here you can taste various wines, olive oil, Tuscan products and grappa.

The wine quality of what is produced in Panzanello is appreciated all around the world, ever since the year 1427. Located 2 kilometers from Panzano, this estate is one you will want to visit.

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Much More Than Chianti Classico

chinti wines

Most people know about Chianti Classico but the region is about much more than that. Chianti is actually divided in eight sub-zones. Every single one produces a different Chianti wine. 3 of them are particularly attractive:

Chianti Rufina – Val Di Sieve

Nowadays this area has a very interesting wine road itinerary that is available. You can discover various different wines and the road signs system is well developed. Various farms and wineries here offer wine tasting. Make sure you visit La Fattoria Il Lago.

Chianti Colli Fiorentini – Near Florence

This wine is produced close to Florence, in an area that includes 18 towns like Tavernelle and Impruneta San Casciano. Outside Scandicci you can find a very interesting wine estate with certified organic wine, Fattoria San Michele a Torri.

Chianti Montalbano – Near Vinci

The hometown of Leonardo da Vinci is recognized for the production of Chianti Montalbano. You have access to various wineries and attractions. One that is important is Villa Dianella Fucini. The wine here is actually renowned all around the world.

As you can notice, wine tasting in Chianti is definitely impressive. There are so many opportunities available and wine lovers will want to visit this area at least once, preferably for one week.

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