The World’s Top Hiking Destinations

The World's Top Hiking Destinations

Wise people say that the best way of discovering a great location is by visiting it on foot. We totally agree with this and this is why we consider hiking a great way of having fun during our worldwide travels. Those who are also hiking enthusiasts know just how amazing it can be to find yourself on natural land just feeling the wind in your hair while you feel like being on top of the world. There is no place left undiscovered by professional hikers in search of world mysteries and great lands that have remained as untouched by human feet. Let’s discover below some of the best hiking destinations in the world.

Cinque Terre Hiking Experiences in Europe

Cinque Terre HikingEurope is the perfect land for hiking experiences. The wide range of fabulous locations hidden from the eyes of strangers offers hiking enthusiasts the kind of experience that they have always dreamed about. Today we recommend the Cinque Terre Sun-soaked villages located on the Mediterranean hillsides that simply manage to redefine the meaning of the powerful word quaint.

What will you experience there? A dramatic coastal scenery that simply introduces the medieval fortresses to those that are brave enough to get there on foot. You will discover the plentiful, ripe vineyards that stand in strong contrast with the amazing harbors where the best yachts float with perfect ease. It is simply a perfect combination for the human eye to discover during the most amazing hiking adventure.

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Get ready to encounter the ancient trails that connect the most unbelievable villages from Portofino to Portovenere. You can find a wide range of knowledgeable people willing to take you to the wildest places just waiting to reveal themselves to the world. This way, you will also gain new insights on the historical context of the area that reminds all of us how to really enjoy the fragrant, fresh sea air.

An Amazing Hiking Adventure in Kungsleden, Sweden

Kungsleden hikingSecond on our list of amazing hiking destinations around the world is Kungsleden, Sweden. You will have the chance to discover there by foot the amazing landscapes of the Abisko Mountain Station to the Saami Village of Nikkaluokta. You can engage in a thrilling hiking round-trip of 65 miles that will take up to 5 days.

Most people go there in August but this is not an absolute requirement. You can experience the fabulous hiking trails there in September as well if you want to enjoy perfect solitude on the peaceful road. It will be the greatest wilderness experience of your life. This Western European area is the real proof of perfect natural beauty in its original form.

All in all, there might be nothing compared to a fantastic hiking experience for those passionate about discovering new hidden lands in the world. Experience everything from the wilderness with your own eyes and feel the thrills of getting there on your own feet. It may be a long ride sometimes but the scenery and the overall feeling you get is always totally worth your efforts.

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