How to Safely Travel with Your Dog in an RV

By Vesi

Road trips in an RV are one of the best vacations you can take, and what makes them even better is that your dog can join you as you hit the wide-open roads.

Traveling with a dog can be a huge amount of fun, and can make your trip even more special, but you need to do some planning and preparation for your pooch if you are going to have a fun and safe trip for everybody, including your dog. Here are some top tips on how to travel safely with your dog in an RV.

Prepare Your Dog for the Trip

Traveling in an RV may be a new experience for your dog, so go on some small journeys around town first to help them acclimatize to RV travel. Some breeds of dogs are more comfortable traveling in vehicles than others, so do some research about your breed of dog before setting off too.

Get Your Dog a Check-Up at the Veterinarian

Before you take a dog on a road trip, it is a good idea to get them looked over by a veterinarian to make sure they are well enough to travel. Your veterinarian may also have some advice for travel specific to your pooch. This is also a good opportunity to have your dog microchipped if you haven’t already, which will help you find your dog if it goes missing while you travel.

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Prepare Your RV for Your Dog

RVs are like a house on wheels, but your dog may need some extra additions to ensure its comfort on your travels. For example, a pet temperature monitor for your RV can give you up-to-date information on the internal temperature of your recreational vehicle and help you ensure your pet is not too hot while you are away from your vehicle.

Plan Some Activities for Your Dog

You probably have a long list of things to do and places to visit while you are on your trip, but be careful not to leave your dog out. Make plans to visit places that your dog will enjoy and make sure the campsites and any RV stops you plan on staying overnight in are dog friendly. Check out this article for some great ideas on what to do with your dog when you are on the road.

Have a Plan in Case of Emergencies

Despite our best planning and preparation, things can still go wrong. Before you set off, make sure you have a plan in place in case you or your pet suffers an accident or injury, or something goes wrong. Look for reputable and accredited veterinarians along your planned route so you know where to go if your dog gets sick, and have a plan in case you suffer an illness and your dog needs someone to look after him while you recuperate.

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With these tips in mind, you and your dog should have a fun and pleasurable trip in your recreational vehicle.

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