Indoor Skydiving In Tennessee – An Experience You Need To Try Once

If you are ever in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you really want to give indoor skydiving a try thanks to the services offered by Flyaway. It is the perfect experience for those that always wanted to learn how to fly or that simply wanted to experience skydiving but there are reasons why that is not possible. You basically end up getting the flying experience without having to deal with a fear of heights or the fear of jumping from an airplane.

Flyaway – The First Vertical Wind Tunnel In America

Just as this sub-heading says, Flyaway is the first vertical wind tunnel in USA. It aids people to break gravity’s bonds and the body ends up flying. The indoor experience in Tennessee is one that is truly amazing. It can be used by professional skydivers to train and by enthusiasts to see exactly how it will feel like to fly. Dreams practically meet reality in a setting that is fairytale-like. This body flight experience is obviously perfect for high adventure lovers and even for corporate teambulding programs.

The Flying Experience

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The training will take around 20 minutes and you will need to spend a quarter of an hour for getting equipped. The actual flying experience is of around 15 minutes. Believe it or not, this is more than enough to get hooked on flying indoors.

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The training is important because you have to learn about safety procedures and you need to be taught how to control your body during flight. Equipment preparation basically includes receiving all the safety equipment from helmet to the suit. Five flyers usually enter the wind tunnel at once, together with the instructors. The participants will take turns and will have a great experience. Classes will take place once every hour and a half during business hours.

You Are Restricted If

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving Shoot

The great news is that most people can fly indoors and enjoy this unique skydiving experience. You just need to be in a proper physical condition, without any shoulder or back injuries in the past. If the participant is under 18, a parent or a guardian needs to accompany him/her. There are also some weight and height restrictions that apply. They can be seen on the Flyaway website.

Participants need to wear comfortable clothing and observation deck is available. You can easily offer an indoor skydiving experience in Tennessee for a friend and watch as he has fun. So many opportunities are available with this Flyaway experience.

Enjoy Skydiving Tricks In An Indoor Environment

flyaway indoor skydiving

Although it does take some time to learn how to do tricks because of the necessary practice, it can be done. You have to reserve in the event that you plan to visit with a larger group but the truth is that you will love the experience. Flyaway is open every single day so you can enjoy indoor skydiving whenever you want to.

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Those that are interested should visit All the information necessary for indoor skydiving in Tennessee is available on that site. Have fun and let us know how you felt.

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