Exploring Unique Beauty In The Romanian Carpathian Mountains National Parks

The Natural and National parks of Romania are wonderful with a huge variety offered. We are faced with one of the largest of the pristine forest areas that still exist in Europe. You can expect to have a wonderful time while exploring volcanic lakes, subterranean caves, gorges, a large river network, grassland and a whole lot more. All this is available in the Romanian section of the Carpathian Mountains, all perfectly complemented by the Danube Delta.


Church in the mountains of Romania
By Serge Bystro under CC BY 2.0


Outdoor Experiences

The diverse natural landscapes that are available will give you so many different possible outdoor experiences. The tourist can easily trek right round glacial lakes, walk through alpine meadows and enjoy lush-green scenery that is a lot rarer than many believe.

Just 2 places that you need to learn more about before visiting the Romanian Carpathian Mountains:

  • Oas-Harghita Carpathian Mountains Range – the largest chain of volcanic mountains in the continent.
  • Scarisoara Glacier – located close to the Cluj Napoca city, the glacier covers over 75 thousand cubic meters. It is the largest underground glacier in Europe with Eisriesenwelt being the only one larger in Austria.

Wildlife lovers and adventurers should consider the following activities in the Carpathian Mountains:

    • Rock climbing – go for Pietrele Doamnei in Rarau Mountains
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Pietrele Doamnei


  • Bird watching – you should consider a visit to the Danube Delta to see Dalmatian pelicans, wild egrets, glossy ibises and over 300 of other bird species


Dalmatian pelicans
Via wikipedia.org


  • Scarisoara Ice Cave visit – with a 153 feet deep entrance and truly impressive ice structures, you will always remember the over 6 meters ice stalagmites


By Cristian Bortes under CC BY 2.0
By Cristian Bortes under CC BY 2.0


  • Sky Highway Trek – it goes round Capra Glacier Lake
  • Explore Buzau’s Berca mud volcanoes


Berca Mud Volcanoes
By Radu Ana Maria via Wikimedia Commons


  • Trekking The Retezat Mountains – there are over eighty glacial lakes and 300 flower species you can enjoy


 The Retezat Mountains
By Horia Varlan under CC BY 2.0


  • Paddling – consider Bistrita and Crisul Repede rivers


By Bernd Schade (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Bernd Schade , via Wikimedia Commons
  • Vanatori-Neamt Natural Park – look at some wolves while they play in their natural habitat
  • Fagaras Mountains Multi-Day Hikes – get a chance to see one of the really long mountain traverses in the world


Fagaras Mountains
By Ana Zecheru at ro.wikipedia  [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Calimani National Park – well known for the weird volcanic shapes, the largest Carpathian volcanic caldera and the old crater traces

Remember This About The Romanian Carpathian Mountains:

  • You can see a huge, undisturbed forest that is like no other in Europe.
  • You will find 60 percent of the entire European brown bears in Carpathian Mountains.
  • See 400 different mammal species. This includes the world renowned Carpathian chamois.
  • You should also visit Transylvania, which is a huge history filled region that is practically surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains.
  • The Apuseni Mountains need to be visited.
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Apuseni Mountains
By Cristian Bortes under CC BY 2.0


The different National parks will cover many areas that offer outstanding natural beauty. You have various regions that include species that are really rare among plants and animals. The Natural Parks are also really important in preserving traditional crafts, local customs, regional architecture and historical settlement patterns.

Many of the different parks of Romania will give you access to various outdoor activities you will love. Just make sure that you learn all that you can about the paths that you are about to take since there are literally hundreds that you will enjoy as a nature lover.

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