What Are The 5 Best Fishing Places In Germany?

Top Fishing Places In Germany

The 5 Best Fishing Places In GermanyFishing is usually allowed all around Germany. The exceptions are not many. Even so, it is really important that you have a suitable fishing license since a special fishing permit is needed in some regions.

There are various different fishing areas that are offered by the country, offering so many species from trout to mountainous salmon. You can even go for deep sea cod in Northern Germany.

Most of the fishing places in Germany are found around the large cities. As a very simple example, there are over one hundred lakes, open mines filled with water and rivers surrounding Berlin alone.

Remember the fact that there are various regional fishing associations that monitor and regulate fishing. Every single one of the federal states has such associations and there are differences between states when referring to regulations. It is very important that you see what is necessary based on where you will go fishing in Germany.

The Best Fishing Places In Germany

As you can easily imagine with so many options that are available for interested anglers, it is quite hard to make a list of the best fishing places in Germany. Such a list is almost always subjective. However, we can create such a list based on the popularity of the locations. Here are those fishing places that you absolutely have to consider.

  1. Bavaria Danube Area

You will want to visit this area if you want to catch a wide variety of homegrown river fish. A huge diversity is available in an area that is around 8 kilometers long, ranging from river border Barbing/Donaustauf to Nibelungen bridge.

  1. Sachsen-Anhalt – Elbe

You will want to visit the area from Wittenberg to Pretzsch. In this fishing place you can catch silverfish, carp, zander, carp, catfish, pike and eel.

  1. Bavaria – Lake Chiemsee

The lake covers 8000 ha and the depth goes up to 73 meters. You will be able to catch char, bream, carp, eel, whitling, perch, trout, zander and pike.

  1. Bavaria – Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg
By dorena-wm under CC BY-ND 2.0

This is a 5700 ha lake that has a depth of up to 127 meters. The fish available are whitefish, eel, carp, bream, zander, whitling, trout, pike and perch.

  1. Baden-Wurttemberg – Rhine

You have access to one of the best fishing places in Germany here, covering over 40 kilometers of the Rhine river from AltluBheim to Hesse border.

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Before Fishing In Germany

Germany is a rather unknown fishing destination for many, simply because not much is written about the experience. When you look online you can find some guides, tips, tricks and recommendations but the truth is that the very best way to experience fishing in Germany, especially when on a first trip, is to hire a guide.

While you can definitely go fishing alone, the guide can get you to those locations that are simply stunning for fishing. Also, you should know that there are different fishing seasons that apply to some locations. The fishing policy in Germany does seem to be quite free but it is quite strict. A temporary license will be needed in many parts of the country that fall under “private property” limits. It might seem like you do not have to pay as there are no signs everywhere, but this may not be the case. The guide can help you avoid such unwanted problems.

Besides the temporary license problem that might appear, everything should be perfect for you. Germany features thousands of lakes and rivers where you can fish so why not take advantage?

Do you have another favorite fishing place in Germany? We would love to hear about it so comment below!

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