Best Scuba Diving Sites In Dubai, UAE

Although the UAE has a really long coastline, it is only recent that we saw scuba divers being attracted to the area. Dubai is definitely on the list of most popular locations in UAE for scuba diving and there are many interesting scuba diving sites that you can enjoy, all as a relaxation location, not as a sporting attraction.

In the Gulf Of Oman there are many dive regions. The popular ones include Musandam, Khorfakkan, Fujeirah, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. In all of the areas mentioned we have sites that range from difficult to recreational.


Top Diving Spots In Dubai, UAE

Persian Gulf – Dubai

The sea off Dubai is practically littered with various wrecks. Most of these are half an hour away from PADI Dive Resorts or Centers located along the coastline. Every single wreck is unique in its own way and includes self-contained marine life. The only choice would be what wreck to consider.

Energy Determination

This is a technical scuba diving site that is named after the wreck of the ship that sunk here. We are talking about a supertanker that is huge and sunk after catastrophic fire. This ship is the one that cost Lloyds Of London Insurance Company an impressive £28 million. Even if the financial loss was huge, it did turn out as being a gain for scuba divers.

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MV Dara

This boat sunk after an explosion in the year 1961. The ship sank over 40 years ago so you can expect so much marine life to be present. This includes guitarfish, whale sharks, eagle rays and barracudas.

Sharm Rock

There is so much marine life present here. The maximum diving depth is of 12 meters and you can explore as much as you want. You can enjoy both hard and soft corals. Scuba divers enjoy parrotfish, reef sharks and eagle rays. The extra bonus you may want to be aware of is that this dive site is just 5 minutes from Al Aqh Resort.

Martini Rock

The scuba diving experience ranges from 5 meters to 20 meters. This is a renowned protected marine park with much ornamentation variety. You can enjoy rod, whip, soft and pink corals. The site is a no-touch one that features lionfish, scropionfish and eels. Many large critters like barracuda, sea turtles and snappers are present. As you are done with the scuba dive, you can enjoy some rock diving.

Dibba Island

This Dubai scuba diving site is filled with hard corals. You can see a really healthy, big table of corals and divers from all around the world can enjoy sharks, trevally, turtles and rays. Reef begins at a depth of 15 meters and goes on for a long distance, ending at just 3 meters near the island.

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Enjoy Scuba Diving In Dubai

The sites that we mentioned are just some of those that tourists can consider. You have to take your time and look at the various opportunities available since there are options you will surely love. There are so many dive sites that you can try so make sure that you stay for a longer period of time.

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