Main Attractions You Want To Consider In Edirne, Turkey

Edirne is a rather unknown tourist destination in Turkey. It is located in the Eastern Thrace region and will bring in some opportunities that you will not know much about until someone tells you. In order to shed some light on this misunderstood location, let us focus on the main attractions that have to be considered. The attractions in Edirne will normally be grouped into 3 regions. We will mention some great options from all 3.


Downtown Edirne Attractions

Most of the sights you will visit in the Downtown Edirne region will be found close to main square. You can easily complete all of them in only one day. You want to consider:

  • Selimiye Mosque

This is the mosque that completely dominates the entire city skyline. The work behind the building was Sinan, a really well-known architect. You should be aware of the fact that this Selimiye mosque is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site ever since the year 2011. So many interesting things can be said about the location, like showcasing 999 windows and the wonderful architecture.

  • Old Mosque

Another wonderful mosque close to central square. It is the oldest and the smallest one in the city but that does not mean that it is not great. The interior is filled with calligraphic inscriptions and so much more.

  • Macedonian Tower
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Overlooking Macedonia, the Macedonian Tower in Edirne, Turkey, is an original part of the city walls. You would be able to see a part of the history of the city here at a site that is remarkably well kept.

  • The Old Quarter

In the Old Quarter (locally known as Kaleici) you will get to visit a really old part of the city. It was built in a perfect grid plan after the late nineteenth century fire. You will be able to see the Jewish Synagogue, the one that is the largest in the Balkans and the country.

Northwest Edirne Attractions

The areas of Saravici and Yeniimaret are located in the northwest of Edirne, being connected to the center of the city via medieval bridges. In the past, most of these areas were heavily populated but they were eventually depopulated. Once here, you will want to consider the following:

  • Saravici

This is an area that will offer its own great attractions. One that is highly popular is Justice Tower. Then, you want to go to the Monument To The Martyrs Of Balkan War. The main monument is quite great and you surely want to experience it if you are in the city.

  • Medical Museum

In the early 2000s the museum received the title of European Museum Of The Year. In the past it was a mental institution, during Ottoman times.

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Southwest Edirne

The Karaagac quarter is west of the Maritsa River. You will surely love the Ottoman bridges that connect the region to the downtown Edirne and the Maarif Caddesi Synagogue. If you want to be faced with a more interesting option, you can also go to the Sogutluk forest, which is a tremendous picnic spot. Make sure that you visit the Lausanne Monument and consider the region if you love nature.

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