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Turkey is an intriguing, ever-evolving nation spanning both European and Middle Eastern cultures, providing an ancient crossroads. Marvel at Istanbul’s dazzling mosques and bazaars; visit Hagia Sophia; or float serenely over Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys!

Lace up your boots and hit stunning mountain and coastal trails; hike Mount Ararat or explore Pamukkale if the mood strikes; for something less strenuous, explore Istanbul or Ankara instead!


Windsurfing is one of the most beloved sea sports in Turkey and an excellent way to appreciate its beauty. Combining sea and wind into a single sport, windsurfing is ideal for beginners looking to experience this thrilling activity. Equipment needed for windsurfing includes boards between two and 2.5 meters long that feature sails with movement capabilities attached at both ends; balance is key here while controlling both sail and wind; this may take practice but should become easier over time.

Turkiye offers some of the premier conditions for windsurfing thanks to its well-developed sea sport tourism industry and beautiful beaches. Many cities welcome windsurfers from all around the globe; Alacati, Ortakent, Gokceada and Aydincik are among the most popular spots; these destinations provide light winds, medium winds and heavy winds for windsurfing enthusiasts of all levels.

As a beginner to windsurfing, it is strongly advised that you visit a windsurfing school before venturing onto your own. Here you will learn the fundamentals and how to use equipment correctly while receiving professional instruction from professional windsurfing instructors who can also offer tips on staying safe while windsurfing. Its many benefits are manifold; not only can windsurfing lower heart disease risk and diabetes rates but it can be an ideal form of exercise for people living with health conditions such as arthritis.

Windsurfing allows you to travel the globe. You can visit exotic destinations without being bogged down by crowds of tourists, while getting to know local people better and understanding their culture better.

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Interested in windsurfing? There are numerous schools across Turkey offering lessons. Both online and in person classes provide comprehensive instruction in windsurfing basics like how to balance on a board and manage its sail.


Kiteboarding is an extreme sport that utilizes wind and water as power sources, making this activity both accessible and physically demanding. Although learning this sport may require minimal physical fitness, if one lacks the appropriate training or knowledge of safety protocols it can become quite dangerous; Turkey boasts numerous excellent kiteboarding spots which offer ideal conditions for beginners as well as experienced kiters alike.

Turkish coastline offers an abundance of prime kiteboarding locations with consistent winds and shallow waters, such as Alacati, Gokceada and Cesme – popular destinations that also provide beginner-friendly lessons for anyone interested in giving it a try for the first time. Local schools in these regions also provide beginner lessons for newcomers looking to try this sport for themselves.

There are also all-inclusive package deals that combine equipment rental, accommodations and professional training from a reputable school to offer kiteboarding for tourists who want a safe way to experience this sport without risk. Tourists should remain cognizant of any associated risks before trying this sport without proper training and equipping themselves properly.

Surfing offers an exhilarating and exhilarating thrill, harnessing the wind’s force to glide across the sea. Not only can surfing help relieve stress and reconnect with nature, it can even improve balance and coordination while raising endorphin levels for increased immunity and better immune functioning.

Turkish city Adana offers an unassuming location for kiteboarding enthusiasts to learn their sport at Cukurova Kite Board Academy on Haylazli Beach. Offering consistent winds and shallow waters, this hidden gem can be hard to access; yet avid kitesurfers know it is worth their effort!

Kilyos, an ideal weekend retreat from bustling Istanbul, offers fantastic kitesurfing. Though newcomers may find the challenging terrain more daunting, its stunning landscape and fresh air will make the experience worthwhile. If possible, visit between May and October.

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Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Turkey offers an unforgettable experience, giving you access to amazing marine life below the surface as well as historic wrecks that lie dormant beneath its waters. Turkey provides many dive shops and certified schools where you can get started diving – perfect if you want to become fully-certified scuba diver!

One of the greatest advantages of scuba diving is that it is an extremely safe activity. This is thanks to the fact that divers must wear a snorkel, mask and tank which provide air and oxygen. Furthermore, scuba diving is highly regulated; all divers must abide by specific standards to remain safe when diving.

Scuba diving can be enjoyed year-round, depending on your location and conditions. In Turkey, ideal times for diving include May to November when water temperatures are warmest – though winter scuba diving in Turkey is also possible!

Scuba diving can be both exciting and educational! By studying marine life around you, scuba diving allows you to gain new insights into everything from ocean ecology, geology and biology – making you an informed traveller with many stories to tell! Additionally, this makes for great bragging rights among your friends back home!

Scuba diving also brings various health advantages. Being exposed to sunlight all day increases vitamin D production in your body, which in turn helps your bones absorb calcium more easily and decreases your risk of osteoporosis. Furthermore, diving offers an escape from daily stressors.

If you want a cost-effective scuba diving adventure in Turkey, booking a liveaboard trip may be the way to go. A liveaboard allows divers to log multiple dives per day without encountering crowds at popular dive sites; plus it may provide non-diving activities so everyone in your group can have an enjoyable trip!

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Skydiving can be an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience in Turkey, offering breathtaking views of its natural landscapes and historic landmarks. While costs vary depending on location, altitude, season or other factors. When planning your adventure it is essential that you research different companies with good safety records before selecting one to jump from. When researching companies it is also vital that the tour package details are read thoroughly; prices can fluctuate based on location, altitude or season – before jumping it is essential that all details of a tour package be read carefully as prices can differ significantly depending on location, altitude or season.

Skydiving is one of the greatest freedoms and joys available, especially after you take that first jump. The adrenaline-rushing sensation that follows during the initial 45 seconds is truly unforgettable; once the parachute opens you can relax into an enjoyable glide taking in breathtaking views below you before eventually returning back to the drop zone and being welcomed with open arms by your instructor!

Extreme sports enthusiasts frequently state that they enjoy extreme sports for more than the adrenaline rush alone; many believe the challenge of conquering fears and testing one’s sense of judgement are equally satisfying to the end result. Furthermore, skydiving helps strengthen and build up confidence within them.

Skydiving can provide an exhilarating and exciting way to experience Turkey from a different perspective, while still remaining safe. All it requires is choosing an experienced company with qualified instructors; be sure to meet all applicable regulations regarding skydiving in Turkey first and secure medical clearance prior to beginning!

Istanbul boasts several skydiving sites, located both European and Anatolian sides. Ormanli Village in Catalca District provides the ideal skydiving site with breathtaking panoramic views and is considered the premier skydiving spot.

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