Outdoor Winter Activities To Start In Melbourne

Victoria’s coastal capital, Melbourne is known for its changeable weather, being often referred to as the city with “four seasons in a day”. The winter season is cold in Victoria but some of you might look for this exact specific reason to visit Melbourne and its surroundings. If you are not a fan of hot weather and summer outdoor activities and you prefer winter activities and all the fun they include, visiting Melbourne during its winter season is something you should consider. It’s much easier to have a long vacation during July and August than during December so why not take this opportunity and enjoy your favorite winter activities while others are complaining about the hot days?

Besides skiing and other snow activities, Melbourne’s surrounding provide you with other incredible experiences you can enjoy with you family and friends. Here’s our top three Melbourne winter activities to get outdoor and have fun:

Mt. Buller Snow Tour

Mt. Buller Snow Tour

North-East of Melbourne you can find Victoria’s alpine region, an area very well known for its winter sports and activities. The best way to enjoy this Australian region is through a tour that will provide you with the best winter experience.

Some Mt. Buller Snow Tour include driving through the picturesque Yarra Valley and discovering the country townships Yea and Bonnie Doon, experiencing Victoria’s high country, visiting Mansfield and enjoying many snow fun activities after arriving at Mt. Buller.

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Besides skiing, winter enthusiasts can enjoy snowboarding, snowshoe walking, board-riding, tobogganing and an amazing village atmosphere.

July is usually the best month to live an exhilarating winter experience in excellent and reliable ski conditions, clean air and with impressive landscapes.

Whale Watching in Warrnambool

Whale Watching in Warrnambool

The eastern side of Warrnambool is the place where female adult whales arrive, between May and August, to give birth. The whale calf and its parents usually depart during September so June, July and August are great months for those of you who want to see whales.

Logan’s Beach has a whale viewing platform and it is also recognized as a nursery site for Southern Right Whales so that’s definitely the place to be for whales watching.

Besides whales, visitors can also come across penguins, dolphins and fur seals, along the coastline.

Penguins, Koalas and Kangaroos Tour in Phillip Island

Penguins, Koalas and Kangaroos Tour in Phillip Island

Speaking about penguins, if you are a fan of the little guys, visiting the Philip Island will guarantee an encounter with them!

Before meeting the penguins, you can stop at Maru Koala and Animal Park to discover koalas, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos and other Australian animals.

At Summerland Beach you can learn many things about penguins and you can watch the nightly Penguin Parade. Wondering what a Penguin Parade is? The world’s largest colony of penguins leaving water and returning to their homes after a day of fishing. Needless to say this is one of the most adorable night sights!

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Philip Island offers other ways to discover penguins too. From platform viewing and an exclusive vantage point to visiting secluded beach locations and enjoying an underground viewing experience, the closest possible view of the penguins in their natural habitat, you can choose the way you want to “meet” the little guys.

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