Milan Wine Tasting Tours Are At A Different Level

Milan is the type of city that you want to visit in order to try the food and the wine that is offered. We already talked about the food tours of Milan so let us now focus on wine tasting and winery tours.

Milan offers many options for the wine lovers. People come from all around the country and even the continent to try some of the local wines. You can easily find something that is perfect for you in the form of a tour experience that is built based on your desires. Three options have to be recommended.

Milan Italian Wine Tasting

This normally costs around $40 and is recommended as the last tour that you enjoy in Milan so that you can go home with fresh memories and your taste buds loving what they experienced.

Most of these tours will be guided and will include different Lombardy wines. There is no need for you to be an expert as the experience is based on learning everything about the factors that make the wine in the area so good. A tour will normally last around 1.5 hours and wines will be paired with meat and cheese.

Tastings will be arranged and you will be told about the wine production history, together with characteristics of high importance. You get to experience various great wines like Moscato di Scanzo, Sforzato di Valtellinese and Franciacorta.

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Navigli Canal Walking Tour

This is normally an evening walking tour that includes both food and wine. It takes around 2.5 hours and you will be accompanied by a guide that will answer all your questions. What is interesting is the nighttime atmosphere and the beauty of the area.

The tour goes past various restaurants, bars and boutiques. You will taste traditional Italian bread, meat, cheese and wine in an enoteca (a wine bar). Aperitivos will conclude the evening and personalized attention from the guide guarantees that you will be as happy as you can be. To make everything more interesting, in most cases you will first grab a glass of wine and you will then be on your way on the walking tour.

Many of the Navigli Canal food and wine walking tours will be limited to a maximum number of 15 participants. As you are on the tour you will learn about Napoleon, Leonadro da Vinci, various wines, how to pair them with the appropriate cheese and much more. Every single sample that is offered has rich flavors you will enjoy.

Italian Sommelier Private Wine Tasting Tour

For the most interesting wine tasting experience in Milan, you want to consider taking advantage of a private tour with a reputable Italian sommelier. That will give you the most attention and you will be able to taste the exact type of wines that you love the most.

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Having a personalized experience makes everything a lot better. The sommelier will carefully choose the wines that you have to try and will pair them with food and cheese, making the entire experience unique to you and your family. We can say that this is the best possible way to learn the art of wine tasting in Milan.

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