Wine Tasting In Moldova

Most people do not even know that Moldova is a country so it should come as no surprise to notice that wine tasting in Moldova is not as popular as it should be. Vine cultivation in the country started centuries ago. It is a tradition that is ancient and that is often practiced. There are many grape varieties that are obtained. The local vineyards will produce various wines, perfect for all palates.

Wine tasting routes always start from the capital of Chisinau. From there, you can go in 4 directions, presented below.

Museum Trail Wine Tasting

Stauceni National Viticulture and Winemaking

This trail allows you to visit the Stauceni National Viticulture and Winemaking college. It is here that wine making secrets are actually passed forth towards those interested in learning. Then, you go towards Cricova. That is where you can find various rare wines and even sample. Head over to Ivancea next to visit the Museum Of Moldovan Handicrafts and then towards Museum Complex of Old Orhei.

Rural Moldova Wine Tasting


The trail starts in Chisinau and sees you heading towards Dubasari. Then, you move towards Rudi, Japca, Saharna and Tipova. What is interesting here is that a lot of people are still living in a traditional way, making everything quite special. People can easily admire ancient cave monasteries and the River Nistru waterfalls. Any of the old towns are perfect for a stop so that you can enjoy traditional drinks and cuisine. The main wineries you get a chance of visiting are Calarasi and Balti.

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Moldova Wine Education Trail

Vinuri-Ialoveni Winery

You will first stop at the Vinuri-Ialoveni Winery. Here you can see how to appreciate subtlety and fragrance of exquisitely fine Sherries. Then, you go towards Cojusna Winery. Guests can gain information about all wine making stages and sample various local wines.

As you continue on the wine trail, do stop at Nisporeni so that you can visit Hincu, Varzaresti and Capriana. These are old monasteries. Then, head over to considered attractions that are perfect for those that love history like the Ralli-Arbore Manor, which was often visited by Alexander Pushkin. Nisporeni is renowned for its sparkling wine production.

Land Of Golden Grapes Wine Trail

Milestii Mici

You will first get to Milestii Mici, probably the best winery in the country of Moldova. All the wines produced here are renowned and a visit is an adventure as you get to experience a labyrinth of cellars and much more. Then, head over to Hincesti, another famous location for the wine that is made.

This particular wine trail of Moldova is named as it is since it takes you to so many wineries. Besides what was mentioned, you will also visit Comrat, Chirsova, Taraclia and Cazaclia. To make matters even more interesting, you will also love the visit you will have at the Museum Of History And Ethnography.

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