Munich Hidden Gems Tourists Should See

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Munich is home to world-class museums and palaces, but also features quirky little gems that stand out. These hidden gems range from an oval basketball court to gold-covered alleyways – here are my personal favourites in Munich!

Cafe Vorhoelzer Forum is an impressive rooftop bar that can be difficult to locate. Take the back elevator and experience one of the finest views in all of Chicago!

1. Asamkirche

Munich may be famous for beer tents, pretzels and traditional Lederhosen attire; however, there’s so much more to this stunning German city than meets the eye! Venture off the tourist path to discover hidden gems only locals know about.

The Asamkirche is an iconic Rococo architectural work and an emblematic piece of Munich’s baroque style, created by two brothers who followed its principles: Egid Quirin Asam and Cosmas Damian Asam – followers of baroque style who followed this particular architectural trend – both artists themselves who bought four houses on Sendlinger Street to demolish them to build their chapel as private projects; due to being self-sufficient artists without dependence on patronage they could implement their vision freely, creating an extremely elaborate chapel decorated by sculptures, frescos and decorations that cover every surface imaginable!

Asamkirche can be easily found by its distinctive rococo design in the city center of Frankfurt am Main. Additionally, Asamkirche is just six minutes from Marienplatz station if taking public transit and will only take approximately six minutes to arrive at its destination.

Navigating into this church may prove a little difficult as its doors are always locked from the outside, but local help could come in handy to open them for you. Once inside however, its interior boasts impressive artwork by Asam brothers – so take time to admire their creations!

Olafur Eliasson created the breathtaking Endless Staircase as a work of art; the staircase leads up to the roof of Munich Church and offers breathtaking views from above. Although not recommended for fainthearted individuals, experiencing Munich from this unique angle offers a wonderful perspective of this city.

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Another popular attraction in Munich is the Siegestor, built as a tribute to those who died fighting Napoleonic forces and symbolising Munich’s victory. From its peak you can enjoy amazing views of Old Town’s red roofs as well as its city skyline; making this an excellent spot to take Instagram pictures but best visited early to avoid crowds!

2. UBahn stations

No matter your interest or style, Munich has something special to offer everyone. Boasting an exciting blend of urban culture, European classicism, and ancient antiquity makes Munich an unforgettable city to experience. World-renowned museums and exquisite royal palaces await discovery here; while lesser-visited corners may hold some of Munich’s greatest mysteries.

The Palace of Justice (Justizpalast) is one of those underrated treasures worth visiting. While appearing to be just another courthouse, this building offers stunning architectural delights including ornate staircases and colourful walkways that make an unforgettable picture op for Instagram! Also perfect for an elegant Instagram post!

The stunning Theatinerkirche is another must-visit site, as you can experience high baroque to its fullest. With white interior walls creating an unforgettable and magical experience. Here’s your chance to admire classical architecture without crowds that might otherwise surround famous churches in Munich.

Even UBahn stations can be stunning attractions and worthy of being visited, with particular merit given to Markisches Museum Underground Station which underwent renovation in 1998 and had the tiles refired to match their original design – this process being undertaken under monument protection laws; as a result it produced spectacular results that make this station truly remarkable.

Munich Central Bus Station (ZOB) is one of Europe’s most intriguing bus terminals. Comprised of an enormous complex, this station features various restaurants, cafes and shops serving traditional Bavarian fare such as pretzels, schnitzel and sauerkraut as well as plant-based alternatives for contemporary diners.

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At last is Gans Woanders underground station – named for the playful German phrase gans woanders (“somewhere else”) used to refer to people or places outside one’s reach or not present in an environment. Germans love having fun with wordplay wherever possible! A perfect example of how Germans enjoy an audacious pun.

3. Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium (better known by its popular moniker of “Bird’s Nest”) offers visitors an unforgettable experience: its roof climb allows visitors to scale its iconic structure and take in amazing views of Munich from up high! Anyone physically capable can participate in this adventure; and with views like these it makes the climb well worth your while!

Munich’s Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan stands out amongst many attractions as an iconic example of Gothic and Baroque architecture, making it an unmissable stop on any history buff or architecture enthusiast’s itinerary. Open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day of the week, finding time to visit isn’t a problem no matter your schedule!

An excellent option for visitors looking for a memorable way to spend their time in Munich is Olympiapark, home of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games. This large park features various attractions that will ensure your visit stands out. Plus, Olympiapark hosts various events throughout the year! When planning your visit, don’t miss this great stopover in Munich.

Hellabrunn Zoo provides both thrills and educational value. As one of Europe’s oldest zoos, this ancient facility is committed to sustainability and animal welfare and offers visitors the chance to see animals living their natural environments. Furthermore, several exhibits allow visitors to gain more knowledge about various habitats and wildlife from all around the globe.

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For movie buffs in Munich, Bavaria Filmstadt is an outstanding destination. Located just outside of town and housing numerous film studios used by Germany to film commercials and feature films, you can tour this open studio while witnessing how magic happens! Here is their website so that you can learn more.

4. English Garden

The English Garden (Englischer Garten for short) is an expansive public space in Munich’s center that serves as one of its top tourist attractions as well as Europe’s largest urban park (even bigger than Central Park in New York!). Home to several biergartens, eclectic monuments, jogging paths and even an impressive boating lake – visitors have been highly impressed with this great retreat from city life! Travelers highly recommend paying it a visit as a welcome respite.

Spend an entire day at the English Garden is easy: simply hop off Tram 18 at one of its parkside stops and explore its key landmarks; rent a bike or rowboat and make it your own adventure; picnic in one of its open-air restaurants with tasty beer or German dishes; play soccer or tennis or yoga here with locals jogging along pathways or reading or practicing yoga in this highly sociable park; stop off and see the Monopteros Greek style temple placed high up a hill offering beautiful views across city skylines while hopefully you might also spot sunbathers sunbathers (this one near Eisbach area being most likely).

If culture is your priority, visit the Chinese Tower for concerts or watch amateur acting performances in its intimate amphitheater. Restaurant and beer garden Zum Aumeister located on Kleinhesseloher Lake offers exquisite beer. Additionally, nearby is a Japanese Tea House where fans of this culture regularly gather to participate in traditional tea ceremonies; further south lies Rumfordschlossl, a classicist building dating back to 1791 that’s another must-see attraction.

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