The Very Best 7 European Cities To Visit When You Love Beer

If you want to drink really good beer, Europe has many great cities that you can visit. We so often talk about wine but beer drinkers should not worry too much as the continent has so many interesting options that can be taken into account. It is actually really difficult to create a list of the best beer cities in Europe as dozens of locations can be considered.

The countries like Germany and Belgium are really well-known in the world of beer but even France has something special to offer. Check out the following as the very first beer cities to consider organizing a beer holiday to Europe.

Reykjavik – Iceland

Most people do not really know that Iceland has a really strong craft beer scene. After only a couple of days in a location like Reykjavik you will realize how wrong you are. So many great breweries wait for you with beers that you are not going to find anywhere else. Make sure that you consider Einstock White Ale and Einstock Pale Ale. They are available in different local bars and a safe bet is Klauster.

Ghent – Belgium

If you can only spend a single day in Ghent and you are a beer lover you are definitely not going to be disappointed. Simply go to Gouden Mandeke for a bar with true character, low lighting, low ceilings, a very cozy atmosphere and so much great beer that you can try.

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Strasbourg – France

When you think about France you surely first consider wine and cheese but in the Alsace-Lorraine region you are going to want to try some beer, mainly because of a border with Germany. Strasbourg is basically a city built around both German and French culture. Obviously, this offers great options for those interested in grabbing something great to drink. Try to consider The Apostles for the best beer in the city, both Belgium and German, but do be prepared to spend a little more than you might expect.

Prague – Czech Republic

Most people that drink beer in the Czech Republic say that their beer is simply better there. While this is something highly subjective and you can easily get caught in the heat of the moment, the truth is that according to locals the way in which you pour beer is something that will influence taste. That is why you do want to be in the country once to see if this is the case. It is not at all difficult to get very good beer in the city of Prague. Do check out the Prague Beer Museum if you are in the city.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Most beers that you find here are Belgium so if you do not really want to check out that country, Amsterdam is a great option to consider. Proeflokaal Arendsnest, Café Hoppe and Brouwerij De Molen are all great bars that will offer you very good beer at prices that are not at all that high.

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Munich – Germany

Munich needs to be considered by every single person that loves beer. Various old fashioned bars are going to welcome you and offer a characteristic atmosphere that is hard to replicate. A top beer choice is Hofbrauhaus but you can also consider Augustiner-Brau. If you want to try some local wonderful beer, do be sure you try Augustiner Edelsstoff.

Antwerp – Belgium

Most beer lovers that have to choose just one great European city to visit will think about Antwerp. The Kulminator is one of the bars that are simply incredible. It may not be trendy but the beer drinking experience you will have there is practically second to none. Just think about the fact that there are actually 5,000 beers over there at the bar. That means that you do not really have enough time to drink them all. Ask for a recommendation from the waiter. He/she will be more than happy to pair you with the beer that would be great for you.

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