Florida Travel Tips – More Than Just Beaches and Theme Parks

Florida offers more than beaches and theme parks; although both are worthy destinations. The Sunshine State boasts numerous other attractions that should make any tourist’s bucket list.

Always keep in mind that Florida summers can be hot and humid. To stay comfortable during your visit, bring lightweight fabrics t-shirts, shorts and sundresses that wick away moisture – also be prepared for any afternoon tropical storms that might occur!

Choose Oceanview Condos to Stay At

While researching accommodations for your Florida trip, you will come across various terms like “ocean view” or “non-oceanfront.” While these descriptions can be confusing and make selecting an accommodation difficult, understanding their meaning will make your search for accommodation simpler. Oceanview rentals might be exactly what you need.

Your stay will offer an unforgettable swimming pool oasis complete with a 10-foot waterfall, splash area, lazy river and rope course – not to mention access to private balconies, shared courtyard and fitness center!

Your villa comes equipped with a full kitchen, making meal preparation much simpler and saving money by cooking at home instead of dining out. Furthermore, its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means direct access for beach walks or watersport activities during your vacation stay.

Pack Comfortable Clothes

Florida is a large state with plenty of activities for travelers to do during their vacation, and finding the ideal destination may be tricky. While Orlando may be top choice, Florida boasts much more to offer than just its theme parks and beaches.

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Making the most of your Florida visit requires choosing an area of interest and planning accordingly. Being realistic about how much ground can be covered during one trip is also key; clothing that adapts well to fluctuating temperatures will ensure a successful vacation experience.

An example would be packing light jackets to stay comfortable when temperatures dip at night, loose fitting clothes in light colors to reduce heat stroke risk, and wide-brimmed hats for sun protection. Furthermore, mosquito and bug spray should always be brought along when traveling to Florida; June through November marks hurricane season so consider investing in travel insurance if visiting during this period.

Pack Sunscreen

Florida is an attractive holiday destination for people of all ages, boasting beautiful sandy beaches, delicious seafood dishes and many day trip adventures.

One of the essentials when visiting Florida is sunscreen. The powerful sun’s rays can cause serious burns, making it imperative that you apply (and reapply) it throughout your stay. You should also wear protective gear like hats, sunglasses and beach covers such as sarongs when visiting beaches.

Florida’s subtropical location makes the sun even stronger, making its effects even more damaging to skin on overcast days. Reef-safe sunscreen should also be considered when planning to snorkel or dive during your vacation.

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Furthermore, when traveling to Florida by flight it is a good idea to store sunscreen bottles in waterproof bags to prevent leakage during transport. This tip is especially relevant as there are strict restrictions regarding how much liquid can be brought onto a plane.

Pack Bug Spray

The Sunshine State boasts a diverse climate and environment, from serene beaches to vibrant nightlife scenes. However, even this paradise presents visitors with certain dangers; sunburns to insect-borne diseases like Lyme and Zika must all be considered when planning trips here. Take care on every trip!

As Florida can experience extreme sunburns and mosquito bites can have potentially dangerous repercussions, it is wise to bring bug spray along. A non-toxic repellent containing natural ingredients like citronella, lemon eucalyptus oil and cedar oil would also work well; just make sure that you include some in your travel bag for use throughout your journey.

Bringing bug spray with you when flying requires proper packaging that complies with airline and airport guidelines regarding aerosols and hazardous materials. Your bottle should be placed inside a quart-sized, resealable plastic bag before placing it into an airport screening bin for inspection during security screening.

Keep Your Items in Check

Florida vacations don’t only involve beaches and theme parks. Travelers should keep other factors in mind before visiting this Sunshine State – from packing for cooler temperatures from November through March to planning ahead for hurricane season in Florida.

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Be sure to arrange for someone else to keep an eye on your home, collect mail and put out the trash while you’re gone. Additionally, share your travel plans with a family member or friend in case an unexpected issue arises while away.

It is also vitally important when exploring natural areas in Florida to carry sunscreen and wear a hat, to prevent sunburn. Exposure to harmful UV rays could ruin your vacation so be sure to reapply sunscreen regularly, using reef-safe ones when possible.

Do not feed wildlife as this can disrupt their normal feeding patterns and make them more aggressive towards humans. Finally, always travel in groups. Not only can this protect you against becoming the victim of crime; but having another person nearby makes for added safety as well.

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