Night Cruises In Tokyo Bay

You can easily enjoy various travel activities in Tokyo and out of the many things that we can focus on, today we will talk about night cruises in the Tokyo Bay area. This is definitely something that you want to take into account as you would experience the city in a different way. Most of the operators will offer a 2.5 hours luxury cruise experience that allows you to enjoy various top attractions like Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower. Dining is almost always included with a wide selection of international dishes to choose from. We can say that a night cruse in Tokyo Bay is perfect for entertainment with friends or family or for a truly romantic evening in Tokyo.

tokyo night cruises


  • You usually enjoy a multicourse meal and you can choose out of international cuisines, all in highly elegant settings
  • 2.5 hours
  • Nighttime views of Tokyo highlights like Rainbow Bridge, Hamarikyi Gardens, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower and Odaiba
  • One beverage is normally included for free

You will surely appreciate the fact that you get the opportunity of dining in style. All of the cruises take place in boats that are multi-floor and that have large picture windows that are perfect for enjoying Tokyo’s panoramic views. Obviously, if you want to try some local cuisine, it is possible.

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One of the main attractions that you want to see included in the itinerary of a nighttime cruise in Tokyo Bay is the Rainbow Bridge. As you cruise you will see jets that are taking off from the city’s airport and you will even get to see Tokyo Disneyland in the backline.

Based on what tour operator you want to go with, the experience can vary a little. Make sure that you book in advance so that you do not sacrifice the quality of the night cruise in Tokyo. It is a guarantee you are going to love the experience but if you just travel to Tokyo and you book the first option that you find, it may be possible to end up dealing with something that is sub-par. Just as with all cities in the world, it is possible that some of the cruises that are labeled as being luxury are not actually bringing in much luxury. Be careful about that.

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