Bungee Jumping In Arizona – Options To Consider

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In Arizona, the bungee jumpers will want to consider the Navajo Bridges as the top options that are available. However, there are fluctuating laws that do have to be taken into account. If you want to go bungee jumping at the Navajo Bridges, you will want to see the current regulations so that you do not break the law.

Now let us discuss the actual options that are available if you want to go bungee jumping in Arizona. We are quite sure that you will appreciate them.

Navajo Bridges Bungee Jumping

Navajo Bridges Bungee Jumping

There are 2 Navajo bridges that are quite similar. One of them was built in the nineties and the other one in the twenties. You can experience a jumping height of 467 feet. The scenery is wonderful with the Colorado River being the main attraction to see. Bungee jumpers thus normally want to experience the activity. Based on the current regulations, it is possible to go for individual jumping or for organized jumping.

Fair Jumping In Arizona

Fair Jumping In Arizona

A lot of people that live in the state will try their very first bungee jumping expedition with a trip to State Fair and Arizona Exposition in Phoenix. Instead of having to travel to a remote location like the Navajo Bridges, you can consider this. The jumps will usually take place from platforms that are around 130 feet high. Also, you want to consider the Arizona State Fair, which is an annual event that is held from October to November.

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Things To Remember About Bungee Jumping In Arizona

When thinking about bungee jumping in Arizona, safety is what is the most important. A lot of people do not actually understand this. It is really important that you always consider this. Many go jumping at the Navajo Bridges alone, without permission in the periods when this is actually considered to be illegal. That is not something that you should do. There is a reason why bungee jumping may not be permitted at the bridges from time to time.

Remember that you do need to take a lot of snacks and enough water with you when you go bungee jumping in remote locations. The Navajo Bridges for instance are 4.5 hours away from Las Vegas.

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