Possible Outdoor Adventures In Auckland

Auckland is a true land of adventure, a city that combines natural beauty with big city life. You can find tasty food, breathtaking scenery and so many opportunities that are perfect for those looking for outdoor activities. The truth is you can easily find travel activities you will truly enjoy in Auckland, with the following being some recommendations to get you started on your planning.

Cruise The Auckland Harbor

One of the really interesting options is the Pride Of Auckland Dinner Cruise that starts from Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. The cuisine that you will experience is truly special and the views that you get from the ship of the sunset and the city lights are great for photographs. Local wine is included and the sea breeze will feel great through your hair.

Seaplane Flight Over Auckland

How about a scenic seaplane flight right over the Hauraki Gulf and the city? Landscapes are always more interesting from above and the seaplane will start from the vibrant Wynyard Quarter. You will cruise on the plane through Auckland Harbor and then take off. The flight takes you over Lake Pukupe, Davenport, Rakino Island, Browns Island and many other great locations. All flights will be handled by professionals and safety is not going to be a problem.

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Visit Kumeu Wine Country

If you are not much into cities you can always consider a short trip to the Kurneu Wine Country. Wineries here are dating from the thirties and the entire region can only be seen as a heritage worthy destination. People that go will experience Mediterranean lunches and a priority for food and wine lovers has to be the Soljans Winery Restaurant. They often serve renowned wines that are locally produced.

Rangitoto Island Volcano Views

A ferry ride to Rangitoto Island definitely has to be considered as you will definitely appreciate learning about the region’s fiery past. The tour here lasts around 2 hours and you can visit Rangitoto, the largest and youngest volcano in the world. This is the largest of the world’s Pohutukawa forests and your tour will take you across lava terrain up until the Rangitoto summit. A 900 meters walk will take you to heights that offer full round views of the city, together with the Hauraki Gulf islands.

Waitakere Ranges Trekking

The Waitakere Ranges offer truly breathtaking panoramic views of the entire area around Auckland. The rainforest and coast tour is taking people through a rainforest that is currently regenerating. Giant tree ferns are growing along picturesque streams and you can easily enjoy your trip as you swim or stay and take pictures of the local waterfall. Tourists also say the enjoyed the west coast beach black sand and picnics along the ocean.

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