Palau Scuba Diving – An Unexpected Treat

Palau is not really well-known by people around the world. Most surely have no idea that this is a small location in Micronesia, in the south west part. We are talking about quite an exquisite archipelago that is made out of 343 islands, all cuddled up in the Pacific Ocean blue waters.

Palau is an island nation and quite a hot spot for those that know about the most beautiful scuba diving spots from around the world. This is the main travel attraction, although you can also enjoy snorkeling if you want something simpler.

The big draw comes from the underwater marine life that is present. We have blue waters that are really clean. Adventure sports lovers will surely want to dive as deep as they can and visibility is definitely great, making the location one that has to be put on your to-visit list.

Palau Recreational Scuba Diving

palau scuba diving with turtle

The greatest thing here is the diversity that is available in the Palau islands. Recreational diving can easily be wonderful and you can choose out of dozens of options that are exactly as you want them to be. You basically want to do this because of the underwater diversity. There are different coral reefs that are exotic and rich, with plant and marine life that is very impressive.

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We can mention so many different scuba diving spots in Palau. Those that are seen as being the most popular include caves, tunnels, some shallow reefs and even major drops. You can focus on Shark City, Chandelier Caves, Turtle Code and German Drop as those that are normally seen as being the best for people visiting from other countries. If you want to go wreck diving, this is also available with some pretty stunning World War II wrecks that are present in the Palau region.

Other Attractions You Can Consider In Palau

Palau scuba diving

Obviously, you want to do something except scuba diving in Palau or you would be pretty bore during evenings or when the weather is bad (although this is quite rare). Because of the fact that we are talking about an island nation, it is quite obvious that most of the activities you would enjoy are water related. Except that, you can also enjoy the beaches. White sands are available.

Many travel activities are connected with the resort you will stay at. With so many luxury options that are available, everything can be quite great. You will definitely want to learn all that you can about the recommendations offered by past clients. If you love scuba diving in a location that is exotic, do seriously think about a Palau visit. Prices are great and everything is luxurious.

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