The Best Hiking Options In Georgia

The landscape that you get to experience in Georgia is quite different than what many expect, offering a little bit of everything from granite monadnocks to Appalachians. This is why there are so many great hiking trails that can be considered for those that want to enjoy something like this on a holiday. There are hikes available for the experienced trekkers, for the day trippers and even for those that mainly want to travel through urban areas.

Amicalola Falls State Park

This is a great hike for backpackers featuring the beauty of Chattahoochee National Forest and its very rich flora during all seasons. What is very interesting is the rustic inn that will welcome you on the way and that allows you to stay for the night. Prices are really good and the trail is just 10 miles, with a round trip being properly marked. Along the way you will want to stop at the 729 foot Amicalola Falls waterfall, which is the tallest one in Georgia. The trail is suitable for the intown walks that want to experience moderate hikes.

Dick’s Creek Falls

The hike here is known as Bartram Trail and takes you to Warwoman Dell from Sandy Ford. It is 9.3 miles long and the elevation gain is lower than 500 feet. We can describe it as being pretty with large and clean campsites. On the trail there is a side trail taking you to Dick’s Creek Falls. This is highly recommended. The location is really easy to reach and not at all difficult for hikers.

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Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve

Two great trails welcome you here: Mountain Top Trail and Mountain View Trail. The mileage covered by the Mountain View Trail is around 3 and the elevation is really minimal. This is basically an option that is perfect for those looking for really easy hikes. What makes the location really special for many is that it is not that well-known. The trail only opened a short time ago and not much traffic is present. Many wildflowers wait for you and you can even take your dog with you as long as it is leashed.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Here you want to go when you are looking for something moderate in difficulty thanks to West Rim Loop Trail, which covers a little over 5 miles. You want to try this loop that follows the western part of Lookout Mountain and offers numerous vistas. If you are comfortable, you want to also add the trail towards Cherokee Falls since it is small. If you are particularly adventurous, the Hemlock Falls hike addition is 1 more mile and is also stunning. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to swim in the water and you want to try a stop for lunch at Chattanooga.

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Sweetwater Creek State Park

You want to go there because of the easy Yellow Trail that covers 3 miles. Atlantans do know the park but the trail is not that well-known. You will be taken across various sights that warrant having a camera with you and the scenery actually changes a little while you hike, even if the elevation is just 350 feet. If you are a history buff you do want to check out the mill on the way as it has a connection to the Civil War.

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