Best Scuba DIving Sites To Consider In The Red Sea

Contrary to popular belief, there are many interesting scuba diving locations in the Red Sea. This is because of the various amazing reefs you can consider with teeming marine life, reef sharks, pelagic fish, dugongs and the always popular dolphins. In order to highlight some of the best diving sites, we should divide the entire Red Sea in two. Here is what you need to consider.

Scuba Diving In North Red Sea

Scuba Diving In North Red Sea

There are many interesting resort destinations in the north side of the Red Sea, including the popular Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, with other laidback destinations like Dahab. Wreck diving enthusiasts will want to consider going to Sharm El Sheikh. Some were bold enough to say that this is the best wreck diving destination in the entire world because of the Thistlegorm Wreck. A short distance away from the wreck you can find Ras Mohammed National Park. You want to go diving there if you enjoy coral formations.

The number 2 popular diving destination in the country of Egypt is Hurghada. Really good scuba dive learning conditions are present there for all people that are interested in learning or for beginners. There is also some wreck diving available at 4 locations in Abu Nahas Reef. The more chilled out scuba diving option is available in Dahab.

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Scuba Diving In South Red Sea

Scuba Diving In South Red Sea

The South part of the Red Sea is not enjoying the same popularity as the north part. The diving sites are normally less crowded. Even so, the beauty of the corals and the reefs are attractive for scuba divers from all around the world. Many of those that visit the area are highly experienced scuba divers. They want to be able to experience high quality scuba diving aimed for those that do know what to do, which is exactly what is available in the area.

If you want an example of a great option available, you can always think about Elphinstone Reef. The drift dives there are quite challenging. The Oceanic Whitetip Shark can be seen here, together with the Hammerhead shark and other shark species.

Other great scuba diving sites in the South Red Sea include Abu Debbab, where you can see the endangered Dugong together with giant green sea turtles. You will want to also go diving at Fury Shoals because of the beautiful Reef of Egypt present, allowing you to end up swimming with dolphins.

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