Quick Car Rental Tips when Visiting San Francisco Airport

The San Francisco Airport is a hub that connects dozens of domestic and international cities. Moreover, it is a gateway of the west coast for much of the Asia-Pacific region. From there, there are a number of transport options as you begin your tour. So, getting around the city is easy and worry-free.

You may choose a few ride options available to you once you land at the San Francisco Airport. These include the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), ride-sharing transport service, San Mateo County Transit Agency (SamTrans) buses, shared vans and shuttles, taxis and limos, and the car rental SFO airport service. But if you want to get around the busy streets of San Francisco in a more convenient fashion, the latter should be your best bet.

When to book a car rental at San Francisco Airport

There are quite a number of factors influencing your decision to rent a car in the City by the Bay. Such would include pricing fluctuations, seasonal demand, and special events. Here are a few factors that should help you decide when to consider booking a car rental service.

  • Off-peak seasons. There are many rental car companies offering lower rates during the off-peak seasons. These are around spring and fall months when the weather is milder and rental rates are more affordable.
  • Weekdays rather than weekends. Needless to say, renting cars on weekdays is more reasonable than renting a car over the weekends. These can be expected on weekends, particularly on Tuesdays through Thursdays. That is because demand during the weekends is typically higher than on weekdays.
  • Advance bookings. You can get lower prices when you are booking a car in advance. There are lots of rental car companies offering discounts, which can also be a great time to secure a type of vehicle that you prefer. Otherwise, your choices will be limited and the rates will be higher as expected.
  • Avoid peak travel times. Take note that holidays, major events, and school vacation periods can increase the demand for rental cars. Therefore, it can lead to higher prices that could also affect your trip when making a visit to San Francisco.
  • Special promotions. You can keep an eye on the promotions offered by car rental companies that could often become available during specific times of the year. But this can be dependent on the market condition. You can check websites of car rental companies or third-party platforms for the best offers.
  • Vehicle choices. You can also find better deals if you are quite flexible when choosing your type of vehicle to book. So, you have to think about the higher rental prices for larger or more specialized cars. If you are a bit tight on your budget, you can always pick the standard or economy cars because they are more cost-effective.
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Top places to visit when driving around on a car rental in SFO

There are quite a number of places that you can drive around when you are on a car rental service. This makes your travel more convenient as you can drive at your own pace. With that, you can have the freedom to explore diverse and captivating locations around the city.

1.   Golden Gate Bridge

You can head directly to the Gold Gate Bridge once you arrive at the SFO. This is an iconic landmark with some excellent views of the bridge and the city skyline. You can also get convenience with several parking lots and viewpoints along the bridge area so that you can capture great memorable moments with colleagues, family or friends.

2.   Sausalito town

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, it is time to drive to the beautiful town of Sausalito. It is a scenic place where you can explore the waterfront, have a meal with a view, and enjoy the boutique shops.

3.   Muir Woods National Monument

You can then go to the Muir Woods National Monument if you are fond of nature. This is your chance to experience the natural beauty of the coastal redwoods, as you feast your eyes on the scenery leading to the location.

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4.  Fisherman’s Wharf

As you go back to the city, you can also explore the Fisherman’s Wharf where you can park your rental car securely while exploring the bustling waterfront area on foot. Watch the sea lions at Pier 39 and indulge in seafood as you enjoy its vibrant atmosphere.

5.   Twin Peaks

You might as well get a picturesque view of the city as you drive to the Twin Peaks. Instead of heading downtown to Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Park, or Chinatown, you can head to this elevated location through a vehicle from SIXT Car Rental and get stunning views of the city.

Traveling to San Francisco Airport requires a bit of planning particularly when it involves peak seasons, traveller discounts, and weather considerations. So, if you are thinking of going to the City by the Bay one of these days, you need to think about a few good options to make your trip more pleasant and enjoyable.

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