Rock Climbing In Romania

Romania, located in Central Europe’s South-East part, is not the first European country that you think about when you want to go rock climbing but that is a shame since there are actually hundreds of interesting opportunities that are available. While this activity is not that popular in the country, tourists from all around the world do want to give the Carpathian Mountains a try, many bringing in some pretty unique opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

rock climbing romania

Rock climbing in Romania is split in 4 main areas:

  • Apuseni Mountains
  • South-West
  • Oriental Carpathians
  • Central Region

In the central region you can find over 19 crags and various features. Rock is limestone, with the exception of Piranha and Costila in the Bucegi Mountains, which offers conglomerate. You may want to seriously consider the Oriental Carpathians since the environment is simply spectacular with areas like Rarau Mountains and Cheile Bicazului. In the Oriental Carpathians we have mainly bouldering available with Sihla and Oituz as main areas.

Most of the tourists will want to first consider the central region as it perfectly accommodates foreigners. With this in mind, we should talk more about the city of Brasov and the climbing options available there.

Rock Climbing Around Brasov

rock climbing brasov

The city of Brasov and the surrounding area brings in 17 crags and over 700 routes. This is a perfect base camp for those that want to go rock climbing when visiting the country.

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We recommend Pietrele Lui Solomon and Tampa as the perfect starting points for rock climbing in Romania, especially if you do not have too much time to go climbing. Easy routes are available at Tampa if you do not have too much experience. In the event that you will want something with a steep endurance, Pietrele Lui Solomon, located 20 minutes away from the center of the city, is the place to go to.

If you want to experience a classic rock climbing crag in Romania, you will want to go to Belvedere. There are many steep and long routes that are available there on quite shallow pockets. You have access to scenery that is simply stunning in Bucegi Mountains and limestone is something that is great to experience. .

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