Kayaking In Puerto Rico Bio-Bays – A Unique Experience

In Puerto Rico you can visit 3 bio-bays (sometimes known as bioluminescent bays). The one that is the most visited is the Fajardo La Laguna Grande. That is because it is quite bright and really convenient due to it being close to San Juan. The other twos are La Parguera (SW) and Mosquito Bay (Vieques).

What Is The Bio Bay?

For those that are not aware, this is a water body that features micro-organisms (dinoflagellates). They are present in the millions and will glow at nights if agitated. The natural phenomenon is really rare and it is a huge reason why people visit Puerto Rico. The darker the night, the brightest the lights! Important regulations exist because this environment is really fragile. However, it is properly respected in the area.

Kayaking To Fajardo

Reaching the bio-bay in Fajardo is usually done through kayaking. You can easily find some great kayak operators to rent equipment from. Guided tours are recommended. Most of the tours will be similar but there can be small differences that will guide your choice, like whether or not snacks are included. Remember that how many people will be accommodated on a tour is restricted so you do want to book in advance.

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Can You Kayak In The Puerto Rico Bio-Bays?

Kayaking is quite easy and a lot of fun. This is true even for those that do not have experience, are old or are not in a good physical condition. Life jackets are offered by the operators and there is always a simple, quick lesson that will teach you more about kayaking, together with all the information you need to do it in the bio-bay.

Kayaking The La Laguna Grande Bio-Bay Details

Here you will have the possibility to enjoy one of the 2 trips every night. There is one that starts right at sundown. The other one is at around 8:30 PM local time. You have to be half an hour early. A kayaking La Laguna Grande experience will last around 2.5 hours. It is a good idea to go for the first tour since this will also bring in the possibility to see some wildlife.

What Should You Wear?

The kayaking operators will use ocean sit-upon kayaks. You want to wear shorts or a bathing suit since you will definitely get wet. Walking in water is needed to step into and out of the kayak. Water shoes are great but you can also go bare foot. Keep in mind that the shorts you choose should quickly dry up. There are not many places where you can change. Towels will be needed for when you are back. Tours are available Monday to Saturday and minimum kayaking age is 6 years old. Do be sure that you dial before you go since there may be some information that you need and as already mentioned, booking is mandatory.

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