Aruba Kayaking Opportunities To Know About

Aruba is a Caribbean destination that is popular because of the scuba diving opportunities offered but various other great water sports can be enjoyed. Kayaking in Aruba is actually a very good travel activity that you would want to be a part of. The kayaker can easily visit various popular sites and paddle through highly calm waters. The island is beautiful so what better way to experience the beauty than kayaking?

Guided Kayaking Tours

Guided Kayaking Tours kayaking

Based on the reports of tourists, the best option available is a 4 hours guided tour that comes from Aruba Kayak Adventure. Guided kayaking tours in Aruba depart every single morning at around 9:30 AM. We are talking about highly casual tours that will visit the Spanish Lagoon, together with other pirate hideouts.

Guided tours are mainly chosen because the guides are very good. They know everything from species that are only located in Caribbean waters to pirate mythology. To make the option even more attractive, kayaking tours also include the option to go snorkelling. Keep in mind that many of these guided tours will launch from Savaneta, which is a small but beautiful fishing village. Such guided tours are great as they are completely guided and even transportation is included.

Aruba Kayaking Locations

Aruba Kayaking Locations

Guided tours mentioned above usually go to Spanish Lagoon. Besides this, there are many other great kayaking options that can be considered. To the east you can find Mangel Halto Reef, which is a really healthy Aruba reef. You can so easily combine kayaking with snorkelling for a perfect experience. So many mangrove forests and hidden coves are tucked all around the coast and can be experienced by kayakers.

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People can easily experience the coastline of Aruba alone, without professional guidance. Kayaking is not at all hard or dangerous. Most of the resorts will give you access to kayak rentals. You just have to ask about such equipment being available as you book the reservations for the resort. In many situations, snorkelling and kayaking can be combined with the stay to create a money savings package.

DePalm Island is a great destination for aspiring kayakers that want to go paddling solo or that want to go on a tour. The island is quite close to Spanish Lagoon and is a perfect destination for snorkelling and kayaking. Many kayaking tours will include the island. You can also visit it alone as a self-guided kayaking experience.

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