Skydiving Options In Oklahoma

By Vesi

Skydiving is not as popular in Oklahoma as in other states in USA but that does not mean that those that love the activity or that simply want to try it cannot enjoy world-class skydiving options in Oklahoma. You have access to everything that you would want from tandem skydiving to courses to teach you completely long free falling. After conducting a little bit of research, we stuck with two great options that we have to recommend. You can use them based on location or preference.

Oklahoma Skydiving Center

Oklahoma Skydiving Center

This is the most experienced and largest of Oklahoma’s skydiving schools. Because of that, it is quite obvious that the service offered is really good. It is located between Oklahoma City and Tulse, right on the Cushing Regional Airport’s 350 acre region. This basically means that the landing area is really large so no risks appear when referring to unobstructed landing.

If you want to go for a tandem skydive, which is the most common option for tourists and locals alike, you will need to pay $200 per one jump. Discounts are available under certain conditions and classes are available. After all, this is a skydiving school as its main operation.

What is interesting is that besides the regular skydiving that is offered, you can also enjoy BASE jumping. The community here is really strong and the experience is recommended after you go through 200 skydives, taking you to a completely new jumping level.

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Skydive Tulsa

Skydive Tulsa

The center is located to the southeast of Tulsa at Haskell Airport, off Highway 72. Skydive Tulsa is promoting itself as the funnest of all the skydiving options in Oklahoma. This is something that is subjective, of course, but we cannot argue with the fact that the staff is quite a lot of fun and you will enjoy the 11,000 feet jump.

Keep in mind that although you do not have to make a reservation, it is definitely recommended. This is the only way in which you can be sure that you will be able to actually jump. However, reservations do require $50 deposits. The jump costs $210 and there is a limit of 240 pounds weight.

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