The Top Surfing Spots On US The West Coast

Since we talked about the best surfing spots on the East Coast, it is obvious that we also had to discuss the main spots on the US West Coast. While we do not have as many great locations as with the East Coast and the truth is that it is a lot easier to make a choice, there are various locations that you can consider. The best states to go to surf are California (undoubtedly the best East Coast surfing destination), Oregon and Washington. Also, California stands out as the US surfing capital.

Surfing In California

California surfing culture

You surely already saw many movies that cover surfing and that highlight the Californian surf scene. What most people do not know is that the population of California is the largest of all the states and it seems like all people know how to or love to surf.

California stands out as the pioneer location for surfing in the country. The early surf culture in California is definitely interesting and we are now faced with a huge popularity for this activity among locals. Combine this with the fact that literally any water related activity can be enjoyed in California and you can clearly see why so many visit constantly and keep coming back.

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Great surfing is available in California all throughout the coast. You can even enjoy really great surfing during the winter as you go to the Maverick Mountains, facing huge winter swells.

California surfing

If you do not want to go for big wave surfing or you just want to experience more variety, you will want a car and then go to Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

In the event that you are about to visit during winter months, you will want to head off towards Santa Ana in the Southern California region. There are great offshore conditions there and you will be able to experience glass surfing. So many beach miles are shared between Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach.

As the last recommendations we would love to make, you want to visit Malibu, Rincon and Steamer Lane. All of these are not that popular among surfers but they do offer great options if you want to stay away from the highly popular surfing destinations.

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