Staying Safe When Cycling in the City

By Vesi

Cycling around New York is not only one of the quickest ways to get from A to B, but it is also a fun experience which will allow you to truly enjoy the city as you travel. With this being said however, we have to recognize the importance of safety when you are cycling through such a busy city. As many of you will have witnessed, everyone in the city thinks that they have the right of way, and motor vehicles and other cyclists can be unforgiving. In the opinion of any bicycle accident lawyer New York can really be a tough place to be on two wheels, which is why you should employ these safety tips when you are roaming around.

Using Cycle Lanes

Sometimes using the cycle lanes may make your commute that little bit longer, but in doing so you will be far more likely to arrive in one piece. A lot of bicycle accidents take place in areas where there are no cycle lanes, and that is why you should avoid those spots. Cycle lanes are sectioned off and give you a far better chance of staying safe.

Safety Gear

Accidents can, and do, occur on the city streets, and it is important that you are well prepared for such an event. This means making sure that you are wearing safety equipment such as a helmet and sensible clothing which will protect you if you were to have an accident. Sadly the large majority of bad injuries that we see, are to those who were not suitably dressed for cycling around a bustling city. No matter how it may look, protecting yourself is going to be much more important than fashion— even in New York!

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Learn The Road Rules

Because of the fact that almost anyone is able to jump on a bike and head out on the road, we so often see people who have no understanding of what the rules are. There are times when you have to give way to motor vehicles and areas where cyclists are not allowed to go, and it is critical that you understand this. Many think that rules like these don’t apply to cyclists but if they are using the road, they most certainly do.

Learning The Ropes

The smart thing to do before you begin commuting to work on the bicycle is learning the route and the potential dangers, on a quieter day. Take the bike out on a Sunday and cycle your route to work, paying close attention to areas which may be problematic once the city comes to life. The weekend is relatively quiet in the city, which gives you the perfect opportunity to really get to terms with handling the bike and sticking to your route safely.

Accidents cannot always be avoided of course, but there is a lot that you can do which will minimize the chances of them occurring, and reducing the potential for injury should you get involved in one.

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