Suggestions for making the most of your next trip to the United Kingdom

If not for its existence as a term, a staycation is a portmanteau that has been a hotly debated topic in the previous year. If we’re being honest, we haven’t had anything to talk about. Staycations in the UK look to be growing in popularity, so instead of debating their definition, let’s focus on making them interesting and exciting.

At this point, scheduling a trip to an exotic location is out of the question. Instead, stay closer to home this summer and save money. But don’t worry, spending a vacation at home in the UK doesn’t have to be dull.

Visit one of the many world-famous sights or enjoy the gorgeous landscape and coastline of another area of the country by staying in one of the many different types of accommodations available. Getting there via a campervan will be the best experience you can enjoy with your family. If you wish to rent or own one, there are excellent campervans you could acquire. Purchasing second hand campervans wouldn’t also suffice as some sites offer excellent customer service and would go out of their way to assist you.  This way, you can secure a campervan and begin your adventure. Here are nine unique lodging options for your next UK break, ranging from luxurious villas to castles and even camper vans.

When hiring an electric VW campervan, keep the environment in mind

When it comes to road trips, nothing beats the VW Campervan. With fading Instagram photographs of these wonderful cars, perhaps this summer is the time to take a road trip throughout Britain on four wheels, now that there is a more environmentally friendly way to road trip.

Renting an electric VW campervan will not only provide you great photos and bragging rights, but it will also allow you to travel throughout the country in a more environmentally friendly manner. As I learned while driving a Tesla in the Peak District with Lonely Planet a few years ago, there is an astonishing number of charging outlets currently. From country pub parking lots to city center docks, this new take on an old classic gives your UK staycation a whole new perspective.

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Eco-friendly traveling is something everyone should normalize. In such short time, the earth will be returning the harsh beating incurred over the years. Purchasing or renting an eco-friendly vehicle may not look like it has a significant impact, but a collective effort from many travelers will create a substantial positive change. The carbon footprint of an electric camper is much lower than those that run on petrol.

Stay in a UNESCO-designated castle in Durham

Universities at Durham Castle, a UNESCO-listed edifice together with the neighboring Cathedral, are deserted because of the extended summer break.

Guests can stay in these historic halls during the summer months for a little fee and experience life as it was hundreds of years ago. It’s a great deal cheaper to stay at a UNESCO World Heritage Site when breakfast is served in a vast dining room reminiscent of the Great Hall in Harry Potter, and guest rooms are traditional grand suites rather than dorms. They may accept reservations again this summer.

The castle is the finest example of Norman architecture in all of England. It was built in the late 11th and early 12th century and houses the relics of St. Cuthbert, the Anglo-Saxon saint of Northumbria, who died a martyr and was well-known for his affinity with Celtic Christianity. The castle stands majestic, and the beauty of the surrounding vicinity can be seen in the windows around the castle.

Spend the night in a Scottish log house amongst goats

Goats have long been a source of fascination for me, so what better place to spend your summer Staycation than in Scotland’s verdant countryside?

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The Highlands’ Eagle Brae Log Cabins are the perfect place to get together with friends and family in a cozy cabin while being close to some of the country’s top hiking and natural regions. Log-burning fireplaces, dark furnishings, and cozy covers, as well as the chance to connect with the goats and other animals right on your doorstep, make these cabins a little more luxurious than your normal get-away-from-it-all experience.

A wonderful villa holiday will allow the entire family to get along

In my opinion, seeing our loved ones, whether they’re distant relatives or close friends, is something we all want to do this summer. It’s been a long time since we’ve all been together!

The idea of staying in a villa while on vacation sounds like something you’d do in Greece rather than the UK, but all four nations have a wide range of fantastic possibilities. Take a few board games, some snacks (and wine), and head to a lovely villa for a relaxing vacation where you may make new memories. From a renovated period property on the Sussex coast to an elegant Manor House in the Cotswolds, there are some lovely options available.

The free-standing bathtubs and four-poster mattresses found in some of these domes are perfect for unwinding and watching the stars as you finish that book you’ve been meaning to get to.

They’re around an hour and a half from either Dublin or Belfast, in Donegal/Fermanagh on the border.

Visit a unique museum for a walk through history

For those of you who are like me and get restless after spending weeks or months at home, why not plan a trip to the UK that includes some history or education?

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The museums in the United Kingdom are world-class, and I don’t mean a quick look at some information boards. Look at the Beamish Living Museum in Durham. It’s easily the nicest museum I’ve ever been to. To show what living was like throughout British history, a collection of interactive towns has been built here. Performers and restored properties transport guests to a bygone era through confectionery stores, moving trams, photo studios, and interactive schools.

Visit all of the world-heritage sites on the UNESCO list

In the United Kingdom, there are 35 world heritage sites, which means you can visit one every month. Hopefully, these sites will begin to reopen to the public soon.

If a long vacation isn’t in the cards, consider short weekend trips to some of these historically and culturally significant sites. It’s surprisingly simple to include a heritage visit into your next UK staycation, whether you’re visiting somewhere naturally magnificent like Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway or the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.

Make a reservation at a historic lighthouse in Wales that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

This Welsh lighthouse was constructed back in 1821 but has been dormant since 1922 due to deterioration. Now we can take advantage of this unique UK dwelling option for a short break.

Fly to the remote Falkland Islands with the troops

A trip to the Falkland Islands, a British overseas territory, is nothing like a conventional family vacation. After a 17-hour trip from RAF Oxford to Cape Verde, I’ve finally arrived. Due to the limited number of documented cases and the Falkland Islands’ close ties to the UK, these Royal Air Force-operated flights have traditionally been exempt from quarantine procedures. Hopefully, it will be feasible to return by November when the weather in the Falkland Islands is more pleasant.

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