Kosovo Outdoor Adventures For Eager Tourists

Kosovo is not a very popular travel destination but it does offer many outdoor adventures that few people actually expect. Kosovo is basically a place that transports you to another place in time, one where you do not have to worry about much. You just focus on the majestic mountain peaks that surround you. Kosovo is one of the most surprising of Europe’s adventure sports destinations. It offers different ways to experience natural beauty and the adventure travel industry is quite new, meaning that few people experienced what you could experience.

Below you can see some of Kosovo’s outdoor adventure options to take into account if you want to take a chance and try something new.

Hiking In Kosovo

Mountain climbing had been a way of living for locals for a long time now. It was necessary to reach animal feed grass or for trading purposes. Kosovo is thus perfectly located along some stunning mega-hiking trails. This includes the huge Via Dinarica (covers 7 countries and over 2,000 kilometers) and the Peaks Of The Balkans hiking trail. At the same time, people in the area can climb various local mountain peaks that surpass 2,500 meters.

So many in-country resources have been developed in regards to Kosovo trekking and hiking. The Peaks Of The Balkans trail officially opened in 2013 and ever since then, hiking has been growing in the country.

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Cycling In Kosovo

If you really love mountain biking, you can easily go to Pristina. The Germia Park covers 62 kilometers and you can so easily go towards various interesting heart-pounding routes. The marked biking trails available at the moment are numerous and new ones are constantly created. The truly heart-pounding cycling routes are found in the west of the country.

If you are interested in some really interesting biking tours, you should consider Catun. There you can start an experience that takes you past many old homes and you get to see local culture and hospitality at its very best.

Different Extra Mountain Adventures To Enjoy In Kosovo

Via ferrata is a mountaineering technique that was utilized by the soldiers that crossed the Alps Mountains during World War I. Nowadays, this is a great way to reach some of the best possible views that Kosovo has to offer. Italian experts built the very best via ferrata in Kosovo. Now you get to experience caving, rock climbing, ziplining and much more thanks to Balkan Natural Adventure or Outdoor In.

Horseback Riding In Kosovo

If you love horses and you want a great adventure, head over to Gjilan. Try what Vali Ranch has to offer. It caters for various ability levels, helping you to either learn how to ride a horse or go on real adventures. Vali Ranch is a really interesting family-friendly option that is quite perfect for the people coming from all around the world, all of varying ages.

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If you want an experience that is more rustic, consider the area close to the Macedonian border, in Brod. This is a mountain town that is renowned for horseback riding opportunities.

Snow Sports In Kosovo

Kosovo features a great ring of mountains. Because of this, regular snowfall appears during winters. Heavy investments have been made in snow sports activities in the country, including an impressive 400 Million EUR deal that renovating Brezovica, a great ski resort. When the temperatures drop, this is where you want to travel to. Ski touring will open various different exploration opportunities. You will be able to experience the Sharr Mountains and so much more. Why not take advantage of such an opportunity if you really love snow sports?

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