Surfing In Siargao Island, Philippines

The Siargao Island is seen by many as the most popular surfing destination in the Philippines. We are talking about an island that is tear-drop shaped, located at around 800 km to the southeast of Manila, in Surigao del Norte province. The land area covers 437 square kilometers. There is a deep inlet called Port Pilar, on the East coast, which is basically straight. The entire coastline is marked by a highly attractive succession of sandy, white beaches, small points and reefs succession. Similar landforms are present in the neighboring islets and islands.

Siargao is made out of the municipalities of Dapa, Burgos, General Luna, Del Carmen, San Isidro, Socorro, Santa Monica and Benito.

Cloud 9 Surfing

siargao island surfing

The most popular Siargao Island surfing destination for tourists from all around the world is Cloud 9. The reputation is worldwide because of the fact that there are many hollow and thick tubes that are simply stunning. We are faced with a right reef breaking wave that holds the annual surfing competition known as Siargao Cup. It is an international and domestic surfing competition that is sponsored by provincial government, Surigao del Norte.

This really attractive surfing wave was initially discovered by the surfers that were travelling at the end of the eighties. The name was received after a chocolate bar that had this name and ended up being featured by John S. Callahan, an American photographer, in Surfer Magazine, March 1993 issue. Cloud 9 currently has a reputation of being a cheap destination for worldwide surfers, offering many cheap restaurants, accommodations and even bars that you can choose.

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In Siargao and the nearby islands we do have access to many other quality waves. Even so, Cloud 9 has received a lot more publicity than other Philippines surfing spots. This is wave that is really easy to access without having a boat so we do not have problems that can appear because of overcrowding, leading to a Crowd 9 nickname being used among the surfers.

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The locally owned accommodations together with tourist facilities will welcome eager foreigners, giving access to all that is necessary for a high influx of visitors, mainly coming in for sufing reasons and because of the Siargao Cup, held locally in the year of September.

If you want to visit the Surfing Capital Of The Philippines, make sure you book ahead, especially in the event that you want to travel during the on-season.

Recommended Surfing Accommodations

The most attractive and interesting of the surfing accommodations for surfers is the Buddha’s Surf Resort. It gives you access to an authentic Philippines experience for surfing and is located right in the middle of the surfing community of Siargao Island. This is a resort that is perfect for both surfers and tourists. If you want to simply chill and experience an island vibe or start experiencing surfing like you never did before, this is where you will want to stay. This surf resort is located in Siargao, right next to the Cloud 9 surf break.

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