Alternative And Extreme Sports Options In London

There are many that these days want to be sure that they are fit and they exercise even when they travel. Many that travel to London actually have access to alternative and extreme sports options that are perfect for every traveler. You can easily go to the gym, do some yoga, walk or run, together with what we will option below.

Rock Climbing In London

Rock Climbing In London

You have access to both indoor centers for rock climbing in London with great climbing walls and some centers around the city. You will want to visit The Arch, a center covering 11,000 square feet of available climbing space. Even locals love the option because there are some boulder problems that appear and that would change on a monthly basis.

Laser Tag And Paintball

laser tag london

This is perfect for you when you enjoy activities with friends. You have access to these options in 2 parts of London. The first one is Mayhem Paintball Games in Charing Cross. There are 22 playing fields available, including 2 Call of Duty maps (replicas), full sized, equipped with military vehicles and even a tank.

The second option you should consider is Canary Wharf’s The Paintball Centre. This is basically the largest of all the UK indoor paintballing grounds, winning many facilities.

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kayaking london

In the event that you are looking for an activity that is relaxing instead of adrenaline pumping, you will want to consider kayaking. You have access to many outdoor trips, tours and even private hires. Kayaking should be considered in Hyde Park and the Thames River.

Alternative Sports In London

scuba diving london

If you want activities that are not as intense as with extreme sports, London gives you access to great alternatives. Many tourists love karting, especially when referring to the Teamsport option, with 4 tracks, located right at London Bridge.

Bungee jumping is also available in London as you can jump from the London Bridge. Isn’t that a perfect experience? The drop is of 160 feet, plunging you towards the Thames River. Even scuba diving is available in London. Even if it does take place in the Thames, it is still something that is to be remembered. If you never tried scuba diving, you will want to consider doing this on your next London visit.

As you can see, London does have so many interesting options that are available. However, you need to be sure that you would look at the options and see if they are included in the packages. This counts a lot because of the fact that in regular packages this is not added. Such activities are used by tourists when they plan their own experiences in London. It is something that you should seriously take into account since it would be cheaper.

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