Swimming With Whale Sharks In Mexico

Every single person that watched Jacques Cousteau’s DVDs with whale shark swimming know about the opportunity offered by Bay Islands in Honduras. While there is no way to deny the fact that swimming there with these majestic creatures is great, you may want to know that such an opportunity is also available in the country of Mexico.

The destination that you want to put your eyes on is Isla Holbox, a pretty small and funky island that may only seem as being a spit of sand at first glance but offering much more than what many believe. The island is close to Cancun, just 1 day travel away. The location is perfect for big fishing and swimming, with the island being a great travel attraction in itself.

Whale Sharks In Mexico 2

You will notice that the waters around Isla Holbox are muddy, especially when compared with what you see to the south. The reward that is offered in this case is the actual island paradise since you can easily go golf-carting and much more every single day of the year if you want to. Bird watchers will appreciate all the fauna offered and those that just want to chill will be able to cruise or hang out in a simple hammock with friends. Whale watching is also on the list of relaxing activities available here, making the destination one that you do want to consider, especially since the price tag is quite low at the moment.

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Whale Sharks In Mexico

Getting back to whale shark swimming, every person that enjoyed this activity will tell you that everything is so special. Ranging between the months of July and September, with July being the very best month for this activity, the perfect period to watch and swimming with whale sharks appears. The mammals come here as the plankton is really rich. You will get in the water and you can easily come face-to-face with this majestic creature (15 tons and 15 meters long). The whale sharks are graceful and calm so you will definitely be safe while you enjoy the travel activity.

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We do understand the fact that this type of interaction is definitely wonderful for every person that experiences it but you do want to respect the local customs and regulations. There are many local tour operators that work with the WWF in order to create specific practices that would be respected. Absolutely all the travelers need to wear a wetsuit or life jackets. Fish cannot be fed and you are not allowed to go down lower than them. Just 3 people plus the guide will be allowed to swim with whale sharks at once and it is prohibited to touch the fin to catch a ride, which is, unfortunately, something that many tourists want to do.

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As an extra tip that you may want to take into account, when you get back from your whale shark watching experience, arrange a snorkeling stop with the guide. It is possible to see manta rays and the marine life is definitely beautiful here.

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