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Bulgaria is a country situated in the far southeast region of Europe. It is probably best known for its cheap, cheerful and, often, gaudy Black Sea summer holiday resorts where the beaches are overflowing with fun loving youngsters from all over the world. This is, however, not all that this wonderful country has to offer travelers as there is much more to Bulgaria than meets the eye.


When you move inland and away from SunnyBeach and Golden Sands you will find a country with a rich and fantastic history and culture; a proud and friendly land where the people are reluctantly coming to terms with the 21st century. The mountainous scenery and wooded countryside are a welcome sight after the over development and population of much of the rest of Europe.


Indeed the minute you get to the heart of Bulgaria you will begin to relax and generally feel better about the world. So if you need a bit of tender loving care and a chance to pamper yourself where better to go?


But before you rush to your travel agent and start perusing their various brochures, hang on just one more minute because Bulgaria has another secret that you might like to know. Back in the times of Cold Wars and Iron Curtains Bulgaria was one of the favored holiday destinations for the better thought of citizens of the communist regimes. The reason for this was not because of its superb beaches and warm seas, but because of its SPA resorts and the great treatments that they offered.

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The country has an unbelievable wealth of mineral water springs which offer healing properties to those who are lucky enough to sample them. Many of these were first discovered by the Romans, who realized their potential and erected large walls around the sites to protect them. But that’s enough history so let’s move on to the here and now.


Today many of these SPA towns have seen an upsurge in the construction of high quality and luxurious SPA hotels and the reputation of the country as a top balneotherapy destination is fast returning.


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Towns such as Hisarya in the center of the country have a long tradition of hotels that are associated with wellness along with many others dotted all over the Bulgarian countryside. And it isn’t just the water that these amazing resorts have to offer as they also have just about every other SPA treatment known to man on the menu.


From massages to pedicures, visitors can be looked after until their heart is content, and their bodies are rejuvenated. There are natural treatments that offer to help sufferers of all types of illness from kidney stones to gout.


The weather during the summer months is especially attractive for these types of resorts and, as many of them are in the mountain regions, the air is extremely clean and fresh.

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So next time you consider Bulgaria as a holiday destination, rather than focusing on the nightlife and beaches of the Black Sea resorts, why not look for a break where you will really feel the benefits and book a SPA hotel instead.

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