Rock Climbing In Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

There are many interesting outdoor destinations that you can visit in California but few offer the rock climbing opportunities that the Joshua Tree National Park does. The weather is simply spectacular all year long, the scenery is inspiring and there are basically dozens of travel activity options that the visitor can enjoy. If you are an adventure seeker, Joshua Tree is a park that you want to seriously consider in the state of California.

Joshua Tree National Park 2

While many sports can be practice in the park, it is rock climbing that basically but the park on the map. There are granite boulders that rise straight from a desert floor. All is surrounded by mountains and rocky hills. As you can experience, this basically means that we are faced with great rock climbing experiences. What is great is that there are experiences for practically all skill levels.

You can find the Joshua Tree National Park 48 km from Palm Springs and 158 km from LA. The park incorporates high altitude Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert formations. We are faced with a desert wonderland that covers close to 800,000 acres. You can easily locate various primitive campgrounds that are placed right between boulders that are massive, gold and red, all due to the sun and how it makes everything look like.

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Joshua Tree National Park rock climbing

Close to the park, you can find the towns of Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree. Many services and motels are available there, allowing you to plan a really long or short rock climbing experience. For many climbers that want to visit with a tent, Hidden Valley is the campsite of choice. That is because it si really close to great climbs.

The popularity of the rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park increased as the destination was really popular during winter months. That is when Sierra Nevada and Yosemite are snowed in. As more people visited, the vegetation lack and rough granite scenery made the rock climbing destination more popular.

Joshua Tree National Park

Many of the boulders that you are going to climb are just around 60 m high. They are really easy to access, making everything quite simple for the person that wants to climb. You can easily incorporate many climbs in just one day. Combine this with bird watching, bouldering and mountain biking for a perfect experience.

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