Top Beaches For Snorkeling On Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is a well-loved snorkeling destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are numerous beaches on Koh Lipe that provide access to fun sea explorations that include beautiful coral reefs and a wide range of tropical fish species and it is hard to choose the best ones but we did our best. Before talking about the beaches that offer access to the best snorkeling spots, we have to mention that Koh Lipe is situated on the edge of the Tarutao National Marine Parks, the second oldest marine park in Thailand, founded in 1974, so you can imagine that the preservation of the coral reef and marine life is important in the region therefore you will be able to admire some mesmerizing underwater views and to discover beautiful wild fish and crustaceans. Now, with no further ado, let’s talk about the best beaches for snorkeling on Koh Lipe:

Sunrise Beach

After arriving at Sunrise Beach you can choose from two snorkeling sites situated close to two small neighbor islands – Koh Kra and Koh Usen. The water surrounding these two small islands is quite deep so you will be able to see a variety of marine life. Another great snorkeling spot for those who love deep waters is situated on the north side of Sunrise Beach. However, if you prefer more shallow waters you can go snorkeling somewhere closer to the shore of Sunrise Beach.

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Sunrise Beach has numerous places from where tourists can buy or rent masks and fins for snorkeling so you do not have to bring your own equipment from home if you do not want to. It is recommended to wear fins sine the currents can be pretty strong.

Sunset Beach

Not perfect for bathing, but amazing for snorkeling expeditions, Sunset Beach has great spots for snorkeling all around. While visiting Sunset Beach, make sure you take a good look around until you spot a steep cliff. Going snorkeling near the cliff is probably the best snorkeling experience you will have at Sunset Beach so do not miss it.

Pattaya Beach

The terrain of Pattaya Beach is a bit rocky and perfect for the coral reef. The best snorkeling spots are located at the both ends of the beach but also in the middle of it. However, we have to recommend each end of the beach to those who want to snorkel close to the shore. If you want to go snorkeling in the middle, you will have to go far out in the sea.

While snorkeling at Pattaya Beach you have to be careful since there are many boats and ferries that arrive and depart every single day. If you want a remote snorkeling spot with no boats to disturb you, go out from the northern end of the beach, follow the shore and you will end up at Zanom Beach, a smaller beach that has some amazing snorkeling spots as well.

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If you prefer a snorkeling trip to snorkeling alone, there are numerous operators that will be more than happy to help you. Also, those who never tried snorkeling before can go snorkeling with a guide that will give them valuable snorkeling tips.

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