Top 6 Things To Do In Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a Thailand province known for the limestone cliffs, dense forests and the group of islands that have some of the most beaches in the world. Most Thai island are perfect for water and underwater activities but Krabi offers more than that. If you visit this Thai province and its islands, be ready to experience numerous fun and adventurous outdoor activities, such as rock-climbing, cycling, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, white water rafting and horse riding.

Rock Climbing In Krabi, Thailand

If rock climbing is your favorite outdoor activity, Krabi offers the perfect environment for it. The limestone cliffs are challenging and perfect for experienced climbers. But those who want an introduction to the wonders of rock climbing can visit one of the many local climbing schools that provide courses for all levels of expertise. There are also some rock climbing courses for children so if you travel with your little ones, you can schedule a class with a private guide.

Rock climbing doesn’t provide you with enough adrenaline? Then maybe you should try deep water solo. In case you are not familiar with this activity, deep water solo is a crazy sport that involves climbing high on a cliff and then jump into the water. This watersport cannot be practiced everywhere, deep water is mandatory, but the locations where you can try deep water solo are very safe and chosen carefully.

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Cycling In Krabi, Thailand

Cycling grew in popularity during the last couple of years and Krabi’s paths are perfect for your mountain or road bike. Don’t expect a challenging cycling experience but a calm and peaceful cycling trip with amazing views to admire. The roads between the mountains are great for all people, you do not have to be extra fit to be able to cycle around since the roads are quite flat and perfect for long distance cycling enthusiasts.

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving In Krobi, Thailand

As most Thai islands, the islands of the Krobi province are perfect for divers who want to explore the life that exists under water. There are endless snorkeling sites close to the beautiful island beaches but, if you prefer scuba diving, you will be more than happy with what Krabi has to offer since the diving sites are spectacular.

Kayaking In Krabi, Thailand

Kayaking is a great idea if you want to explore the mangrove forests of Thailand. The hidden treasures of these forests are perfect for those who have a soft spot for exploring nature’s work of art. There are plenty of mysterious caves and secret lagoons that can be discovered and numerous opportunities to spot and take pictures of the wildlife. Also, the forests are a paradise for nature enthusiasts who want to discover the unique ecosystem.

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If you want to explore the mangrove forests by kayak, there are two routes you can follow – Thalane Bay and Bor Thor. The coastal stretch and small channels of Thalane Bay lead to numerous caves and lagoons hidden deep into the mangrove forests. Bor Thor offers a completely different experience, one that includes kayaking through ancient caves where you can see primordial cave drawings and going through a very dark channel situated under one of Krabi’s mountains.

White Water Rafting In Krabi, Thailand

Adrenaline junkies should be pleased to find out that Krabi offers one of the best white water rafting experiences in Asia. The river is very safe however, the experience is as exciting and fun as it can get.

Horse Riding In Krabi, Thailand

If you need to relax a little bit after trying some adventurous activities, you can try horse riding. Riding a horse on a tropical beach and through shallow water is a wonderful experience you shouldn’t miss. Ao Namao is the perfect beach for horse riding and tourists can choose between an hour ride and a day ride.

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