Phi Phi Islands – Fun Watersport Activities

Situated between the Phuket Island and the Strait of Malacca, Phi Phi Islands are a group of islands that make the best place for those who are fans of watersports. From swimming and kayaking to snorkeling and diving, Phi Phi Islands offer brilliant experiences to all tourists who are looking for a summer heaven. When we say all tourists, we mean it! There is no age category that won’t enjoy the time spent on Phi Phi Islands. Families with children can spend time on the beach sunbathing, swimming or going on boating tours while those who are a more adventurous can go diving with sharks or test their paddling skills in a kayak. The islands are perfect for a relaxing vacation away from the stressful lives we all have right now so here are some watersport ideas to enjoy during your stay on the Phi Phi Islands:


Recreational Swimming On Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

A recreational vacation on a tropical island is not complete without swimming in warm and clear waters and Phi Phi Islands excel at providing tourists with the best beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and sunny weather. Swimming is a fun way to exercise and relax at the same time, it costs literally nothing and it is great for adults and children alike. The clear waters that surround Phi Phi Islands offer endless opportunities for swimmers who want to spend their day enjoying their favorite activity and then relaxing on the clean, sandy beaches.

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Snorkeling And Diving On Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Those who want to explore the underwater world a little bit more can take a break from swimming and relaxing on the beach and embark on a tour that will allow them to discover sea plants, numerous fish species and other tropical creatures that live in the Phi Phi Islands’ waters. Those who are courageous enough can go on an underwater tour that includes close encounters with sharks.

There are numerous places on the island from where tourists can rent or buy equipment for snorkeling and scuba diving and also plenty of operators that provide diving courses and guided underwater tours. Beginners are advised to take a course first and to not go alone on their underwater explorations. Experienced divers can go and explore on their own if they prefer the freedom of moving between diving sites when they want and diving at their own pace.

Kayaking And Boating On Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

After finishing with their marine life explorations, tourists can take a kayaking trip around Phi Phi Islands and the neighbor islands. There are numerous operators that offer guided kayaking tours but tourists can also rent their own kayak and paddle around the islands alone.

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If you are not very good at kayaking but you would love to spend some time on the water, you can also rent a boat or go on a boat tour that will allow you to thoroughly explore the neighbor islands. Boating is perfect for families with children who want to spend their day on the sea relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and enjoying other fun summer activities.

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