Walking Tours To Consider In Vilnius, Lithuania

The number of tourists that come to Vilnius, Lithuania, is constantly growing. This is mainly because of the various travel activities that appeared in the past few years and the investments made into the travel industry.

Some of the people that go to Vilnius are interested in travel activities that are relaxing and that get them deep inside the life of locals. That is what we will focus on in the following paragraphs by presenting 3 options that you want to take into account.

Vilnius Pub Crawl

Vilnius Pub Crawl

This is a perfect way to party with locals. You will surely love Lithuanian beer in a combination with spirits while you make brand new friends. The casual pub crawl tour of Vilnius normally includes different bars and one club.

You should know that Vilnius offer many different great pubs and clubs, especially in the Old Town region, right in the middle of Vilnius. Pub crawls normally take place during Thursdays and Saturdays, taking you to around 5 locations including welcome sots, drinking games, free entrances and more. Around 40 minutes will be spent in every single bar and you will finish the night in a night club.

Vilnius Food Walking Tours

Vilnius Food Walking Tours

If a pub crawl is not something that you would like, you can go for a food walking tour in Vilnius. You would be able to experience Lithuanian cuisine and guides are normally really friendly. Many do not know much about this cuisine, thinking that it is just made out of meat and potatoes. This is definitely incorrect. Most people that go on a Vilnius food walking tour are surprised to notice the varieties that are available.

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Such a food walking tour will include local guides, a lot of food tasting, insider’s recommendations, extras wherever you want to get them, surprises and an experience that is definitely unique in the world. You will be able to even experience exactly how Lithuanian cuisine changed in the past years.

Alternative Walking Tour Of Vilnius

Alternative Walking Tour Of Vilnius

If both food and pubs are not interesting, you can go for a regular sightseeing tour. However, why not upgrade to something different with an alternative walking tour of 2 hours? This allows you to visit the Old Town, learn about the history of the city and even visit a KGB former prison that highlights the country’s Soviet period.

The walking tour will surely take you to city hall and you will pass through some hidden Old City courtyards. Historic monuments are also on the list, allowing the tourist to visit the Franciscan church, which is the oldest of the city’s structure. On the whole, this is a tour that does not cover all the popular sight attractions. The focus is much stronger on some tour sights that are not normally visible for foreigners.

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