Travel Activities Available In Meteora, Greece

Meteora is definitely among the top travel destinations in Greece and Europe. You will find it perfectly place close to the middle of Greece, in the Thessaly region, lying away from the well-covered beaches that many want to visit. If you want to experience something different, a landscape that is spectacular based on rock formations, Meteora has to be on your list. Rock climbers from all around the world visit Meteora in order to cover the rock formations but much more can be done in this part of the country.

Meteora – What To See And Do

meteora waterfall

According to most travellers, the main attraction in Meteora is offered by the unique landscape present but many also visit in order to visit the different Byzantine monasteries housed in the region. They are popular because of the artifacts present and the beautiful wall paintings.

You will surely love to visit Meteora if you are interested in outdoor activities. Many of the rock formations are simply irresistible for the rock climbers, as we already mentioned. Most monasteries are accessible via well-paved asphalt roads but combining hiking with visits is something that you want to consider. You would be able to follow many ancient footpaths taking you through various stunning landscapes. River rafting or kayaking is available at the Acheloos and Penios rivers.

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When you want to stay in Meteora, you will most likely want to stay in Kalambaka or in Kastraki. Kastraki is a really interesting small village that is close to the rock climbing destinations. This is a perfect place for those that do not have vehicles. A stay here allows you to simply walk to all monasteries. Kalambaka is around 2 kilometers to the east. It features various shops and restaurants, some lively squares and a really rich nightlife.

Places You May Want To Visit


You will want to visit Pindos mountain range as it is a great destination because of the deep gorges, the traditional villages and the tall mountains. Cosmopolitan individuals are normally seen in Trikala, a smaller town.

Visiting Meteora gives you various opportunities, as mentioned. If you really want to have some quiet time, you will want to visit Parga and if you want a traditional Greek holiday, you will want to consider the region around Mt. Pelion. Byzantine churches can be visited in various parts of Meteora, with Arta being really interesting, located around 1 hour away from Ioannina.

Consider driving towards Grevena to the north to experience Egnatia Odos, a modern highway taking you to Thessaloniki in around 1 hour. Many Byzantine monuments can be visited there and there is also a popular Byzantine Art museum. Travel 2 hours towards the East and you will reach Mt. Athos, which should be a must visit in the event that you are interested in seeing Byzantine monasteries. Just remember that only men are allowed in.

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