Wedding Destinations – The 10 Most Beautiful In The World

By Vesi

There is no shortage of wedding destinations around the world. In fact, every single country has its own list of perfect choices to consider. However, at a global level, we simply cannot deny that the following wedding destinations have to be considered among the most beautiful. If you want to have a perfect wedding and you have the budget available for it, we can say that it is close to impossible not to love the following.


We already mentioned Santorini as a tremendous honeymoon island choice for those interested but it is also incredible when it comes to weddings. This Greek spot seems to perfectly match the white wedding dress thanks to the whitewashed houses close to breathtaking cliffs. Then, then cobalt roofs just make everything incredible.

You can have a wedding ceremony on a volcanic sand beach for a perfect fiery copper sunset background. Alternatively, you can opt for black sand beaches or red sand beaches.


You will often see debates between Bali and Fiji when it comes to the very best honeymoon destinations but Fiji is oftentimes mentioned as being the very best wedding destination for a reason. There are hundreds of islands where you can have your wedding so it will actually be very difficult to make your final choice.

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Fiji is a true tropical oasis, with palm trees on the beaches, stunning coral reefs and a whole lot more.


Tuscany is the wine paradise of Italy, a bucket list destination for countless of tourists because of romance, culture, and history. You will want to visit the capital, Florence, which is renowned for architecture and art. Then, if you want to drive, you visit the Tuscan hills that feature endless fields of incredible vineyards. On the whole, this is an incredibly charming destination that gives you fantastic sunsets and access to the culture of Italy.


Speaking about Italy, we need to mention Rome. Travelers from around the world chose Italy’s capital as their destination for centuries. This includes Leonardo di Caprio and Julius Caesar. You can easily create your very own historical moment for you and your significant other. Sights are fantastic and after the wedding you can easily enjoy the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and so much more.


Spain is definitely a unique destination for a fantastic wedding. It gives you access to something for any possible taste. If you love architecture and art, Barcelona is a perfect mix of surrealism and modernism. When you want to see provincial palaces, a very thriving city and manicured gardens, Madrid is a great choice.

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You can also consider Southern Spain for Moorish cities like Malaga, Seville, and Granada.


The capital of France is simply romantic to its core. This city is synonymous with weddings, romance, and love. Fiances often tie the knot here and weddings can easily be unforgettable. You will surely appreciate the numerous architectural wonders, artistic wonders, the Eiffel Tower, and the numerous lush gardens. A daylight ceremony can be held in gardens or you can have a night-time wedding with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. The city of Paris is timeless, a really classic wedding destination.

Palm Springs – USA

Some will surely be surprised by this recommended wedding destination but it is a very interesting setting for such an event because of the surrounding Southern California desert. Palm Springs is where countless A-listers go to and you never know who you will see walking down the street. The sun always shines here and rain rarely happens. If you worry about the weather, in Palm Springs, it is always sunny.

Sri Lanka

When you want to have your wedding in a destination that is surrounded by vibrant, exotic colors, Sri Lanka is a paradise. It is located in the Indian Ocean and offers a surprising array of diverse landscapes. There is simply something for everyone, ranging from rainforest to Buddhist ruins.

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The wildlife is very attractive and you will want to visit at least some of the ancient temples. Also, the cuisine is irresistible.


Marrakech is an incredible wedding spot that is perfect for accommodating all the senses you have. The journey to Marrakech itself is fantastic. This Morocco imperial city is spice-packed, exotic, and with countless vibrant colors. Also, the Islamic architecture is a true treasure so the backdrop will be perfect for your wedding.


The country is very good for the couples that love hidden beaches, incredible seafood and fairytale castles. It is close to Spain and offers a huge diversity. You will love the Lagos turquoise ocean and the castles in Sintra.

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